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Recent evidence has highlighted the developmental benefits of increased access to a range of energy technologies and services, and how it is a critical enabler for poverty reduction and gender equality. This has lead to a set of goals to be achieved by 2030 as outlined by the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative , and its recent inclusion as a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) .

However, for all households, small businesses and communities in the world to achieve Total Energy Access in an affordable and sustainable manner requires the transformation of the energy markets that deliver the required energy technologies and services, many of which are currently absent or in very informal and dysfunctional states.

There is a range of reasons for the poor functioning of these energy market systems, including:

  • Lack of demand due to the poverty levels and social practices of the end users
  • Low capacity and interconnections of the energy companies and financial institutions
  • Government policies and regulations which are unsupportive or disincentivise the energy companies

Energy markets are typically complex systems consisting of the interactions of a wide range of public and private market actors. To be able to deliver their required products and services to the required destinations, in the form they are needed and at an affordable price, they need to be able to freely coordinate, and compete, in an efficient and effective manner.

What is this Roadmap?

This roadmap provides practitioners with a systematic approach to understanding the complexity of energy market systems. This includes the categorization of all its market actors and the identification of all the barriers that are limiting its growth. It also provides a step-by-step guide and tools for facilitating the market actors to overcome each barrier themselves through a range of targeted interventions. This includes building the capacity of each market actor to allow them to coordinate and cooperate to deliver their energy products and services to their potential customers in the future, sustainably and efficiently.


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