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Southern African Energy

Introduction for Practitioners: Real-time Monitoring, Control and Payment Technologies for Mini-grids

This brief discusses the factors of mini-grid economic viability – revenue, tariffs and costs - and introduces technologies and approaches for enhancing viability through real-time

Dipendra Bhattarai;Drew Corbyn;Zibusiso Ncube;Elizabeth Njoki;Louise Waters, Published on 2019/03/27

Metering and Payment Technologies for Mini-grids: An Analysis of the Market in Zimbabwe

This market assessment gives an overview of the state of the electricity sector in Zimbabwe, and describes the country’s renewable energy potential and the degree to which it has been

Zibusiso Ncube;Louise Waters, Published on 2018/06/26

Production and Use of Jatropha

Based on small-scale cultivation and processing of Jatropha flowering plants in

Thembinkosi Nyathi, Published on 2019/03/26

Produção e Uso de Pinhão Manso

This example is based on small-scale cultivation and processing in

Thembinkosi Nyathi, Published on 2019/03/26

Chimney Stoves and Smoke Hoods

Nearly half the world cooks on three-stone fires or basic stoves causing indoor air pollution. This brief looks at ways to reduce the pollution by using chimney stoves and smoke hoods to let

Elizabeth Bates, Published on 2018/06/26

Fireless Cookers

Fireless cookers are a simple insulating covering that allow pots to continue to cook food even when they are taken off a source of

Vincent Okello, Published on 2018/06/26

Cocinas Sin Fuego

Las cocinas sin fuego son un sencillo recubrimiento aislante, las cuales permiten que las ollas sigan cocinando los alimentos, incluso cuando se retiran de la fuente de

Vincent Okello, Published on 2018/06/26

Abafador Para Cozinhar

Abafadores para cozinhar são na realidade coberturas isolantes que permitem que a comida nas panelas continue a cozer depois de estas serem tiradas do

Vincent Okello, Published on 2018/06/27

Stovu Zenye Dohani Na Vifuniko Vya Moshi

Karibu nusu ya dunia wapishi kwa moto tatu jiwe au majiko ya msingi na kusababisha uchafuzi wa hewa ya ndani. Kwa kifupi hii inaangalia njia za kupunguza uchafuzi wa mazingira kwa kutumia majiko

Elizabeth Bates, Published on 2018/06/25

Business Models for Sustainable Energy of Rural Communities Project in Chikwawa and Nsanje Districts, Malawi

Business models in the power sector takes many forms. In the private sector, the prime focus is profit making while in the public sector the focus is on service delivery. SE4RC is a

Hivos, Published by Sustainbale Energy for Rural Communities (SE4RC) on 2019/03/26

Business Models for Energy Delivery

Community driven energy project require business models that are adaptive and responsive to the need of the marginalised communities. This report focuses on innovative business models and

Netherlands Development Organization (SNV), Published by SNV on 2019/03/26

SE4RC Mashaba Minigrid: Zimbabwe's First Inclusive Solar Minigrid

The SE4RC Mashaba Minigrid project is an EU funded project which is providing 10,000 people with access to modern clean energy in Gwanda district, Zimbabwe. The mini grid has an output of 99 kW

Practical Action, Published on 2019/03/26


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