The focus in this new strategy is to leverage best practices into programmes that produce high impact at scale in the region. In the last couple of months, the regional team has undergone intensive sessions to review, reflect, evaluate our past performance and then engaged in developing a plan for this new delivery model. In this quarterly update we share some of our experiences in the field and a glimpse into the processes that the team underwent to come up with the new plan. It is not a coincidence that our consulting arm (Practical Action Consulting, Eastern Africa), has been spreading its wings to other countries delivering practical solutions on a subject that the Practical Action Group has made a strategic decision to place emphasis on: Sustainable Access to Energy for All. In the next couple of months we intend to bring together Civil Society Organizations, the private sector and other key stakeholders to rally support for pro-poor policies in energy and appropriate, ...

2012 , Practical Action Eastern Africa

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