Tomato Processing

Tomato processing can be an instrumental skill for farmers who want to convert the tomatoes into various other products besides using it as vegetables. This technical brief contains the varieties of ways a farmer can process the tomato into many other products. Tomatoes are known to be the most important crop economically among various other vegetables in the world. The return of investment in growing tomatoes is tremendous due to its high growth capacity while the crop cycle duration is very short. Tomatoes can be consumed in various ways that include consuming it raw as a part of the dishes, as a sauce and can also be consumed in drinks. Most importantly it is widely used as a vegetable for culinary practices. The demand for processing the tomato comes when one needs to preserve it for both commercial and home use. The traditional method of processing the tomatoes includes concentration and drying the tomatoes either to fruit or to powder. You can learn more about tomato ...

2008 , Sue Azam-Ali, Dr

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