Technical Guidelines for Gravity Goods Ropeway

Good access to resources is the most fundamental requirement for securing sustainable livelihoods. In the past road building has often played a central role in interventions aimed at improving access. But in Nepal, the construction of roads is exceptionally challenging, technically, economically and environmentally. Nepal’s rugged terrain and rich but fragile ecosystem make connecting settlements by road often ill advised both in terms of resource use and with regard to environmental conservation. Furthermore, roads alone cannot guarantee access to services for the most marginalised and therefore are not effective at combating poverty. In order to improve access for the poor, innovative solutions must be sought. Complimentary means of transport offer the opportunity to have immediate effect on the poor’s access to resources. For marginalised people in the hills and the mountains, complimentary means of transport build on the benefits of the existing transport ...


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  1. Rachit says:

    Want to enquire for gravity based goods Rodeway system.

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