Technical Drawings – Low-Cost Waste Incinerator Overview

The low-cost waste incinerator (LCI) is a cheap and basic structure which deals with domestic waste. It consists of an inner refractory incinerator surrounded by an outer protective wall made and is made from standard cement blocks, bricks and steel. These drawings give an overview of the various components. More detailed drawings are in other documents. Incineration is the process of waste treatment through the combustion of substances from waste materials. It is also known as thermal treatment due to the use of heat in the process. It involves the conversion of waste material into gas and heat. The heat generated through the incineration process can be used for generating electric power. The document contains a guide for the construction of a low-cost incinerator that can be very beneficial for the waste management solution in developing countries around the world. Waste is often subjected to a comprehensive waste management activity at the primary collection stage providing ...

2004 , Andrew Russell

PDF , English


2 responses to “Technical Drawings – Low-Cost Waste Incinerator Overview”

  1. Jimmy A. Olukoya says:

    I need to see a functional design of a domestic brick incenerator.

  2. Syed mumtaz ahmed says:

    Small for home used
    Drawing and detail required

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