Solar Distillation

The technical brief contains the information on solar distillation process that provides clean and safe drinking water to people living in areas with less access to it. Solar distillation is the process of removing salts and other impurities using the energy of the sun to get pure water for drinking. Distillation is one of many processes that can be used for water purification and can use any heating source. Solar water distillation is relatively old technology for water purification compared to the latest ones. But it is one of the efficient ways that allow access to clean water to people. A solar water distiller uses solar energy that can separate salt or brackish into fresh drinking water through the method of reverse osmosis. Unlike other methods of water purification, this technology is simple and energy efficient to use, making it a cheaper alternative to clean drinking water. Solar water distillation process includes the use of solar still that separates clean water ...

2014 , Neil Noble

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