Ropeways - Gravity Goods Ropeway

This story shows the whole community contributed to the construction of a ropeway in Nepal. Birendra Hamal, Regional Agriculture Director visited Mansangkot VDC for official work. The path to Mansangkot is a two hours steep walk and the rain had made the path slippery. He noticed tomatoes lying all over the path and wondered where the tomatoes had come from? Further up and he saw two school boys sitting and crying. When he inquired, they told him that their families had sent them with loads of tomatoes to sell in the market and they slipped and fell spilling tomatoes all over. “I immediately thought what if the villagers could send their produce filled in a plastic bag? I knew this was not the solution and the quest for an answer to solve the transportation of vegetables from uphill to the main highway haunted me in a positive way,” adds Hamal. Hamal enquired many agriculture offices in Syanja District but failed to find a solution to his pursuit. ...

2010 , Neil Noble

PDF ,Practical Action , English


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