Pre-crisis market analysis for disaster risk reduction in urban informal settlements. A pilot study on housing market system in Polvorines, Peru

Today, the majority of the global population lives in urban areas and this rapid urbanization is a root cause of increasing disaster risk (UNISDR, 2012; 2013). As more people settle in unregulated highrisk areas, the greater the probability of casualties and economic losses is, as a result of climatic events such as floods. This makes it critical to focus on disaster risk reduction in urban areas (UNISDR, 2012). This shift has contributed to one of the biggest challenges in developing countries: the formation of unplanned informal settlements in high risk areas. In the Latin America and Caribbean region, informal settlements are a significant feature of urban growth. According to UN-Habitat (2016), 104 million people live in irregular settlements in the region, equivalent to 21% of its urban population as of 2014. In Peru alone, 8.2 million people live in such peri-urban areas, which correspond to 34% of the urban population. People living in informal settlements are particularly ...

2017 , Ilieva, Lili

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