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Lime Production: No.2 Improved Techniques at Chenkumbi, Malawi.

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Otto Ruskulis said:

Practical Action ceased its involvement with lime production in Malawi round about 1997. Practical Action had projects in Balaka town and Chenkumbi Hills. However, neither of the plants that Practical Action helped to set up were able to continue in production. Around Balaka there were also a number of traditional producers who used wood to burn in batch kilns. The quality of the lime from these producers was generally poor. I have not kept up with contacts in Malawi since the projects finished so I am not aware of how many traditional producers are still left around Balaka or if they have been able to make any better quality lime.

I think that now as in the 1990s most of the lime used in Malawi either from South Africa or from Ndola Lime in Zambia - http://www.ndolalime.co.zm/

With regard to other lime producers in Malawi I could only find details on the web on -

Zalewa Agriculture Lime Co. (zalco)
P.O. Box 1669, Blantyre
01 683 296

Also, there is the Tithokeze Lime-makers Cooperative Society Limited at Lilangwe in Traditional Authority Chigaru, Blantyre. Sorry, I don't have the full contact details for this society.

I believe that both companies make building lime (calcium hydroxide) as well as pulverised limestone for agricultural use.

Commented on: 2013-06-06 15:43:00


Raison Chauluka said:

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Commented on: 2013-05-25 16:57:00



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