Incorporating Risk Reduction into Education

Capitalization process of the project Capacity-building at a community level in response to floods in two provinces of San Martin (Peru). The focal point of the capitalization is the incorporation of the risk reduction and disaster preparedness approach into the education process, based on the production of a text for students of grades three and four of primary school and guidelines for teachers. The process involved 10 prioritized schools in the 10 provinces of San Martin and, more specifically, 15 prioritized schools in the districts covered by the project. The experience also included other actions carried out with students, teachers, parents, permanent civil defence committees and the corresponding school brigades of prioritized educational institutions.

2013 , Juvenal Medina, Wilson Sagástegui,

PDF ,Practical Action, Welt Hunger Hilfe, Sistema Nacional de Defensa Civil, Ministerio de Educacion Repu, , English


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