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How to identify quality construction materials (Non local materials)

As part of the awareness campaign of the “Strengthening the Supply Chain Project”, the program aims to create awareness on the quality of construction materials and its importance while building earthquake resilient structures. With preliminary activities such as community level sensitization programs, developing IEC materials and airing PSAs through local FM stations, the project now aims to take it a step further by reaching out to the national audience. As the initial part of the national level campaign, two animation videos have been produced which will be aired through national level TV channels. The two videos highlight on how to identify quality construction materials from sub-standard materials through simple tests and basic knowledge. The first video focuses on locally available materials (Sand, Aggregates, Wood, etc) while the second video focuses on non-local materials (Cement, Rods, Bricks, CGI sheets etc). Following this, the project aims to produce impactful videos and PSAs that will help earthquake affected people rebuild their houses as per the government guidelines as well as receive the housing grant.

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