Demonstrating evidence on Ecosystem-based Adaptation in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Community of Practice on Ecosystem-based Adaptation for Latin America and the Caribbean South-South cooperation has a catalytic potential to address climate change by improving collaboration, knowledge generation and exchange. It further enables the transfer of technology to support effective adaptation practices. Developing countries depend to a large extent on the ecosystems and the services they provide. Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) is emerging as a potential response to climate change and a key pillar for sustainable development. UN Environment Programme under the Regional Portal for the Transfer of Technology and Action on Climate Change in Latin America and the Caribbean (REGATTA) recognises the need for collective learning on EbA. Together with the support of the Government of Spain, and in collaboration with Practical Action Latin America, was established the bilingual knowledge platform and the EbA Community of Practice for Latin America and the Caribbean ...

2019 , Ilieva, Lili

PDF , English


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