Anticipatory Humanitarian Action in Nepal Learnings from forecast-based financing for flood hazard

Forecast-based preparedness is an approach to minimise losses and damage due to disasters. It utilises scientific weather forecasts and enhances disaster response efficiency through timely financing for response and relief. It draws on the newly emerging concepts and practices from disaster management and climate research findings. Early financing can make disaster response more effective and efficient. It builds on the Early Warning Early Action (EWEA) model tested by the Red Cross and Red Crescent's disaster management programmes worldwide. Experience has shown that early warnings help prevent losses and significantly reduce the costs of emergency response, thus enabling communities to achieve early recovery.

2020-09 , Parajuli, Binod Prasad, Shakya, Puja, Uprety, Madhab, Dilip, Gautam, Bhandari, Dinanath, Adhikari, Dhurba Lochan, Shrestha, Nitesh, Joshi, Anuj Dhoj, Gurung, Gehendra,

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