5th National Knowledge Convention: Poverty and Development: Realities of the Grassroots

When knowledge convention was started by ActionAid Bangladesh in 2009, it was mainly a collaborative learning objective. Climate change as well as changes in trade and commerce had brought a difference in the demand of knowledge both in qualitative and quantitative ways, therefore a new form of knowledge was essential. Basically it is seen that knowledge serves mainly the elite classes of the society; it generally undermines the benefits of poor community. Hence, knowledge is not accessible for the people globally and locally. With these ideas and concepts knowledge convention first set its journey. Recent realization is that knowledge is not moving forward fast around some parts of the globe, even in the villages of Bangladesh. When information is related to the human experience, it is knowledge and in practice; knowledge is an action. It is not just for education and learning; but is something about influence and motivation. The institutional theory of changes across seven ...

2016 , Knowledge Network Bangladesh

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