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Wind Power

Small-scale wind turbines can be used in many locations and are especially useful in isolated areas where other sources of electricity are difficult to access. Wind can also be used in direct mechanical systems for activities such as pumping water.

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Microaerogenerador IT-PE-100 para la electrificación rural

La generación de energía eléctrica a pequeña escala, aprovechando la velocidad del viento, constituye una alternativa posible para zonas rurales aisladas y dispersas que cuenten con recurso...

Chiroque, José, Published on 2017

Electricity from wind: Tamil

This video is on the generation of wind energy.

Practical Action Sri Lanka, Published on 2014

Bombeo de Agua Utilizando la Energia del Viento

Este documento examina los principios de la conversión de la energía eólica y observa los tipos y características de los rotores, así como la importancia de que bomba y rotor sean compatibles.

Neil Noble, Published by Practical Action on 2015

සුළගින් ආාලෝකය

This video is on the generation of electricity from wind power.

Practical Action Sri Lanka, Published on 2013

Electricity from wind

This video is on the generation of wind energy.

Practical Action Sri Lanka, Published on 2013

Energia per il Mondo

L’energia eolica è stata utilizzata per secoli per il pompaggio dell’acqua e la macinazione del grano. Più recentemente l’energia eolica è stata utilizzata anche per produrre energia elettrica. Le...

Oxfam Italia, Published by Oxfam Italia on 2014

Wind Rotor Blade Construction: Small Wind Systems for Battery Charging

This booklet is to assist manufacturers in make the blades, or ‘wind rotor’ for a small wind generator. Another booklet tells how to build the permanent magnet generator (PMG). The wind rotor will...

Teodoro Sanchez;Sunith Fernando;Hugh Piggott, Published on 2001

Small Wind Energy Systems for Battery Charging

In-depth paper on wind power based on Practical Action's experiences

Simon Dunnett, Published by Practical Action on 2011

Wind Energy Technologies in Pakistan

Renewable energy practices in Pakistan

Published on 2011

Wind Energy in Sri Lanka

Renewable energy practices in Sri Lanka

Published by Practical Action on 2011

Wind Energy in Bangladesh

Renewable energy practices in Bangladesh.

Published on 2011

Wind Energy Technologies in Nepal

Renewable energy practices in Nepal

Practical Action, Published on 2014

Produire de L’électricité avec du Vent

Le vent est l'une des meilleure source organique de l'énergie où les éoliennes peuvent produire plusieurs magawatts d'électricité

Neil Noble, Published on 2012

L’Energie Eolienne

Document qui décrit la technique de puissance éolienne bref en ce qui concerne la production d'électricité et l'énergie éolienne de pompage.

Neil Noble;Teodoro Sanchez, Published on 2012

Energía del Viento

Documento que describe la nota técnica sobre energía con respecto a la energía eólica, la energía eólica para la generación de electricidad y bombeo eólico.

Neil Noble, Published on 2011

Wind Pumping

This document examines the principles of wind energy conversion and looks at the types and characteristics of rotors, as well as the importance of matching rotor with pump.

Neil Noble, Published on 2008

Wind for Electricity Generation

Wind is one of the best renewable sources of energy. Wind turbines are becoming cheaper, more efficient and more popular. They can come in many different sizes and one turbine can produce up to 8...

Neil Noble, Published on 2008

The Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG)

This guide describes how to make a small permanent magnet generator for wind turbines.

Hugh Piggott, Published on 2001

Fibre glass wind turbine blade: manufacturing guide

A manual is designed to show the process of producing a wind turbine blade from fibre-glass

Andrew Corbyn;Matthew Little, Dr, Published by Engineers Without Borders, UK and SIBAT, Philippines on 2008

Energy from the Wind

Wind turbines can be used for large-scale energy delivery, but can also be highly effective as small-scale remote applications.

Neil Noble, Published on 2008


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