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Wells, Tubewells and Drilling

Wells and tubewells are a critical element to water supply and can provide water in areas where there is little rain.

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Artificial Aquifer Tube-well

Artificial Aquifer Tube-well is an innovation to treat contaminated surface water for domestic use on the saline-prone coast and arsenic & iron contaminated parts of Bangladesh. The recharging...

Practical Action, Bangladesh, Published by Practical Action, Bangladesh on 2013

Community Monitoring of Borehole Construction: A training guideline

The training document aims to provide essential practical information to communities on the different phases of installing borehole equipped with hand/foot pump: the critical aspects of each phase,...

Published by The Global Water Initiative - GWI on 2013

The Essential Steps Before Handing-over a Borehole (with Hand Pump) to the Community

A simple path to take to ensure that the borehole and hand pump will work for the community.

Published by The Global Water Initiative - GWI on 2013

Well Digging in Kassala: The Hand-Powered Percussion Drill

In order to reform damaged wells and drill new wells, farmers are using percussion drills ('Sibiyah' in Arabic) powered by hand instead of more expensive powered drilling equipment.


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