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Water Quality and Treatment

Clean water is essential for good health. In today's industrialised world, many waterways are polluted and water requires treatment to become safe for consumption. Small-scale approaches to water treatment can help people who don’t have access to mains water supplies.

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পান করবো নিরাপদ পানি সুস্থ-নিরোগ থাকবো জানি

Practical Action Bangladesh, Published on 2017

সাইনবোর্ড: করবো নিরাপদ পানি সুস্থ-নিরোগ থাকবো জানি

আপনার পানির পাত্র ব্যাকটেরিয়া/জীবণুমুক্ত তো?

Practical Action Bangladesh, Published on 2017

স্টিকার: আপনার পানির পাত্র ব্যাকটেরিয়া/জীবণুমুক্ত তো? 

बाढीको प्रकोप हुने खानेपानीका स्रोतहरुको व्यवस्थापन

Khadka, Rakesh, Published by Practical Action, Nepal on 2017

यस प्राविधि ज्ञानमा खानेपानी शुद्धिकरण कसरी गर्नुका साथै खानेपानीका स्रोत बाढीको समयमा प्रदुषित हुनबाट जोगाउन र प्रतिकूल समयमा पनि प्रयोग गर्न र के कस्ता उपायहरु बारे जानकारी समावेश गरिएको छ।

SODIS - Solar Water Disinfection in Sri Lanka

Neil Noble, Published by Practical Action on 2011

This document looks at a simple way to make water safe to drink by using plastic bottles.

Removing Arsenic From Water

Sarah Matthews, Published by Practical Action on 2014

This brief outlines the different arsenic removal methods and technologies that are available for use with small-scale supplies in developing countries.

SODIS - Solar Water Disinfection

Published on 2011

This document looks at issues surrounding clean drinking water and a simple and low-cost solution called SODIS, where the heat and UV rays from the sun fall on water in plastic bottles, killing...

Artificial Aquifer Tube Well

ADB;Practical Action, Published on 2014

Artificial Aquifer Tube-well is an innovation to treat contaminated surface water for domestic use on the saline-prone coast and arsenic & iron contaminated parts of Bangladesh. The recharging...

Assuring Quality: An Approach to Building Long Lasting...

Published by The Global Water Initiative - GWI on 2013

This document aims to serve as a guideline and to measure the achievement in reaching infrastructure quality to supply improved and durable access to water and sanitation. Global Water Initiative...

Les Filtres á eau Bio-Sable

Neil Noble, Published on 2011

Un filtre à sable conçu pour une utilisation domestique en alternance.

SODIS - Désinfection de l'eau par le Solaire

Martin Bounds, Published on 2012

Ce document traite d’une façon simple de boire l’eau sans risque en utilisant des bouteilles en plastique.

Bio-Sand Filter Designs in Indonesia & Tanzania

Stewart Brown, Published on 2013

Stewart is a Scottish agricultural engineer living in Tasmania who undertook an ABV (Australian Business Volunteers) assignment in Jakarta and Tanzania to introduce and organise the manufacture of...

Bio-sand Water Filters

Neil Noble, Published on 2011

This brief focuses on bio-sand water filters, which use sand and gravel to partly clean water with a simple approach.

Household Water Treatment Systems

Neil Noble, Published on 2011

Household water treament technologies are increasing in their use, this brief mainly looks at bio-sand systems.

Water Treatment Systems

Aimi Elias, Published on 2010

Water supply can be contaminated by a number of external sources before it is consumed and used by households for cooking, cleaning and drinking.

Water Supplies for Food Processing

Barrie Axtell, Published on 2014

This document examines ways of ensuring that the risk of contamination in food preparation from the water supply is minimised.

Slow Sand-Filtration Water Treatment Plants

César Marrón, Published on 1999

Slow sand-filtration systems are a technically viable water treatment solution.

Clay Water Filters

AmRC;SLRCS, Published by AmRC & SLRCS on 2008

The American Red Cross and the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society have introduced appropriate clay water filter (CWF) technology to Sri Lanka.

Solar Distillation

Neil Noble, Published on 2014

The technical brief contains the information on solar distillation process that provides clean and safe drinking water to people living in areas with less access to it. Solar distillation is the...

A Small-scale Arsenic and Iron Removal Plant

Shafiul Azam Ahmed, Published on 2008

This brief looks at a low-cost technology for arsenic and iron removal.


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