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Stoves and Ovens

Many conventional stoves cause adverse health and environmental effects due to indoor air pollution, deforestation and carbon dioxide emissions. However, there are many types of improved stoves which have less negative health and environmental impacts, and empower local communities to innovate technology, adapting to their own conditions and improve their livelihoods.

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A statistical survey for estimating the potential demand for improved stoves in Sri Lanka.

This report outlines the findings of field performance test carried out in February 1989 to measure fuel wood efficiency of one pot and two pot Anagi stoves and to ascertain the overall response of...

Banda, R.M.R.;Atapattu, M., Published on 1989

Abafador Para Cozinhar

Abafadores para cozinhar são na realidade coberturas isolantes que permitem que a comida nas panelas continue a cozer depois de estas serem tiradas do fogo.

Vincent Okello, Published on 2013

Appropriate Household Energy Technology Development: a training manual

Although support materials exist in the form of technical information on various household energy technologies, there are few training materials to guide users.

Lydia Muchiri;May Sengendo, Published on 1999

Biomass Fuel Briquetting Technology and the Business Opportunities

Fuel briquettes are blocks of compressed biomass material such as farming waste, charcoal dust or waste paper. They are used for fuel in households for cooking, water heating, and space heating.

Practical Action, Published on 2012

Building a Better Stove: The Sri Lanka Experience

This book describes the historical background to this stoves development work and to Sri Lanka; the detailed progress of the stove programmes during the last decade; the impact on the environment,...

Crewe, E.;Sundar, S.;Young, P., Published on 2015

Burning dreams

This video is on the "Anagi" Cook Stove promoted by Practical Action.

Practical Action Sri Lanka, Published on 2014

Chimney Stoves and Smoke Hoods

Nearly half the world cooks on three-stone fires or basic stoves causing indoor air pollution. This brief looks at ways to reduce the pollution by using chimney stoves and smoke hoods to let the...

Elizabeth Bates, Published on 2007

Clean Stove Design in Nepal

Guide to sustainable design of a stove in the rural areas in Nepal, in order to avoid indoor pollution and improve the market system in the area.

Sofía Garín Martínez;Kathleen Emily Berns, Published on 2017

Cocinas mejoradas en Jaén y San Ignacio (INGLÉS)

Video presenta experiencia de trabajo en la promoción y uso de cocinas mejoradas bajo un modelo comercial de compra de cocinas a través de microcréditos. El proyecto denominado Mejora tu vida,...

Soluciones Prácticas, Published on 2017

Cocinas Sin Fuego

Las cocinas sin fuego son un sencillo recubrimiento aislante, las cuales permiten que las ollas sigan cocinando los alimentos, incluso cuando se retiran de la fuente de calor.

Vincent Okello, Published on 2013

Cook Electric - The Ghandruk Experience

It describes the experiences from Ghandruk that how micro-hydro can help rural communities to use the power for electric cooking to save fuelwood.

Janet Bell, Published on 1994

Cook Stoves in Bangladesh

Renewable energy practices in Bangladesh

Renewable Energy & Environmental Information Network, Published on 2008

Cook Stoves in Nepal

Renewable energy practices in Nepal

Practical Action, Published on 2014

Cook Stoves in Pakistan

Renewable energy practices in Pakistan

Published on 2010

Cook Stoves in Sri Lanka

Renewable energy practices in Sri Lanka cook stoves.

Published by Practical Action on 2014

Delivery Model of Wood Gasifier Stoves in Sri Lanka

Instead of burning the fuel-wood with a complete combustion to generate heat directly, a wood gasifier stove, which is also called a Forced Draft Wood Gasifier Stove, follows a two-step process....

Namiz Musafer, Published by PISCES on 2013

El Mumu - Un metodo tradicional de cocinar alimentos en papua Nueva Guinea

El mumu es un homo que se prepara cavando un hoyo en la tierra. Para que funcione se calientan algunas piedras que luego se colocan alrededor y sobre 105 alimentos. El calor es transferido a la...

P A Dopade, Published by International Foundation for Sciences on 2013

Fireless Cookers

Fireless cookers are a simple insulating covering that allow pots to continue to cook food even when they are taken off a source of heat.

Vincent Okello, Published on 2013

Fogones mejorados para ahorrar biomasa y cuidar la salud humana

El Fogón Mejorado es aquel que elimina todo el humo de la cocina, mejora el aprovechamiento de la biomasa, y evita enfermedades respiratorias en las familias. Es una pequeña infraestructura que...

Soluciones Prácticas, Published on 2017

Gasifier Stoves - Advanced Biomass Stoves

Advanced biomass stoves covers improvements developed over recent years for household cooking in developing countries. They are often referred to as gasifier stoves although not all of these stoves...

Elizabeth Bates, Published on 2013


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