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Stoves and Ovens

Many conventional stoves cause adverse health and environmental effects due to indoor air pollution, deforestation and carbon dioxide emissions. However, there are many types of improved stoves which have less negative health and environmental impacts, and empower local communities to innovate technology, adapting to their own conditions and improve their livelihoods.

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Monitoring Manual for Low Smoke Project

PARAMETERS TO MONITOR As an indication the following 14 parameters need to be collected, gathered and included in the Monitoring Report each time we need carbon credits to be issued. This Morning...

Practical Action, Published on 2015

دليل المواقد المحسنة

يستهلك السودان حوالي 7,5 مليون طن مكافئ زيت  من الوقود الخشبي (حطب و فحم), يستهلك منها القطاع المنزلي وحده 5,7 مليون طن مكافئ أي ما يعادل 76% من جملة الاستهلاك. ما تبقي من استهلاك موزع بين القطاع...

Practical Action Sudan, Published by Practical Action Sudan on 2009

घरभित्रको धुवाँँ न्यूनिकरण

यस ज्ञान सामग्रिमा घरभित्रको धुवाँँ न्यूनिकरण बारेमा समावेश गरिएको छ।

Practical Action;ENPHO, Published on 2011

Clean Stove Design in Nepal

Guide to sustainable design of a stove in the rural areas in Nepal, in order to avoid indoor pollution and improve the market system in the area.

Sofía Garín Martínez;Kathleen Emily Berns, Published on 2017

Cocinas mejoradas en Jaén y San Ignacio (INGLÉS)

Video presenta experiencia de trabajo en la promoción y uso de cocinas mejoradas bajo un modelo comercial de compra de cocinas a través de microcréditos. El proyecto denominado Mejora tu vida,...

Soluciones Prácticas, Published on 2017

Fogones mejorados para ahorrar biomasa y cuidar la salud humana

El Fogón Mejorado es aquel que elimina todo el humo de la cocina, mejora el aprovechamiento de la biomasa, y evita enfermedades respiratorias en las familias. Es una pequeña infraestructura que...

Soluciones Prácticas, Published on 2017

Killer in the kitchen

Although smoke from cooking fires kills 1.6 million a year, the problem is not an international priority, but Adam Hart Davis discovers there are practical solutions.

Practical Action Eastern Africa, Published by Practical Action Eastern Africa on 2006

La Cocina Solar Y La Salud

Los hornos solares son dispositivos que utilizan la energía de la radiación solar para preparar comida. En las zonas rurales de la mayoría de los países en desarrollo se suele cocinar con un fuego...

Darwin O’Ryan Curtis, Published on 2015

বিজ্ঞান ভিত্তিক উন্নত চুলা তৈরি

এই পুস্তিকাটিতে জ্বালানির সাশ্রয় উন্নত চুলা তৈরির পদ্ধতি সম্পর্কে বিস্তারিত বর্ণিত হয়েছে

Practical Action, Published on 2004

Successful Distribution Models for Clean Cookstoves

Drawing on ten case studies in Africa, Asia and Latin America, an expert workshop and a literature review on the sector, the study “Mapping Successful Cookstove Distribution Models” outlines key...

Practical Action Consulting, Published by SNV on 2015

Burning dreams

This video is on the "Anagi" Cook Stove promoted by Practical Action.

Practical Action Sri Lanka, Published on 2014

Score Stove

The document describes about score stove and its uses

Collected by: Kamrul Islam, Published by Practical Action, Bangladesh on 2014

A statistical survey for estimating the potential demand for improved stoves in Sri Lanka.

This report outlines the findings of field performance test carried out in February 1989 to measure fuel wood efficiency of one pot and two pot Anagi stoves and to ascertain the overall response of...

Banda, R.M.R.;Atapattu, M., Published on 1989

How to make Sri Lanka’s Anagi II stove

This manual gives step by step guide to construct Sri Lanka’s Anagi  II stove with detailed illustrations. The content is in Sinhala, Tamil and English.

Childers, L. F., Published on 2015

Building a Better Stove: The Sri Lanka Experience

This book describes the historical background to this stoves development work and to Sri Lanka; the detailed progress of the stove programmes during the last decade; the impact on the environment,...

Crewe, E.;Sundar, S.;Young, P., Published on 2015

Setting Up a Ceramic Stove Production Centre

This manual shares the experiences gained in training community pottery groups in West Kenya on sustainable production and marketing of ceramic stoves.

Rwanda Rocket Stove

Research work carried out by Practical Action Consulting East Africa.

Michael Newhouse, Published on 2013

Abafador Para Cozinhar

Abafadores para cozinhar são na realidade coberturas isolantes que permitem que a comida nas panelas continue a cozer depois de estas serem tiradas do fogo.

Vincent Okello, Published on 2013

مرشد تصنيع المواقد المحسنة

يستعرض هذا المرشد طريقة بناء موقدين هما موقد “الطين المحسن” ويستعمل فيه الحطب، وموقد آخر يعرف محليا بموقد “المبخر” والوقود المستعمل فيه هو الفحم. آما يستعرض المرشد أيضاً طرق وممارسات الطبخ التي...

Practical Action, Published by Practical Action

Cook Stoves in Bangladesh

Renewable energy practices in Bangladesh

Renewable Energy & Environmental Information Network, Published on 2008


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