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Stories of Change

Our Stories of Change aim to give readers and practitioners a glimpse into the experiences of those who have used Practical Action’s information and services to help them in their projects.

The stories provide an ideal opportunity for other practitioners working in the area to see first-hand the lessons learned, and to pass on and use this knowledge appropriately.

You can Share your Experience here, and tell others about how your project went, what were the successes and failures, the rewards and challenges, and the lessons you would pass on to others.

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Rebuilding dreams into reality

This video is a story of Sarita Neupane, a beneficiary of Practical Answers in Nepal and also an earthquake victim, whose cowshed was shattered by the earthquake in 2015. The video highlights the...

Practical Action, Nepal, Published by Practical Action, Nepal on 2018

Regional Business Development Landscape some experiences and case studies from Eastern and Southern Africa

Initiatives taken to improve the standard of living in rural economies are many and range from being multi sectoral to multidisciplinary in nature. It is acknowledged that over 75% of the world's...

Jane Mungoma, Published by Practical Action Eastern Africa on 2011

ORLOMA Stories of Beneficiaries

The reporting is done by the community for the purpose of peer learning and influence. It is an unbiased report that promotes the beautiful Maasai land white creating interest among development...

Francis Muchiri, Published by Practical Action Eastern Africa on 2008

Practical Answers to Urban Poverty: Partnership, Participation and Innovation in Kitale, Kenya

As presented in this book a new culture of planning is emerging in Kitale; the administrative and commercial capital of Trans-Nzoia District in western Kenya. The book has three major themes;...

Practical Action Eastern Africa, Published by Practical Action Eastern Africa on 2006

Annual Highlights 2013-2014

Once again, Practical Action - Eastern Africa is celebrating the impacts it has made in 2013-14; we are proud to report that our activities have enabled many poor people in the region to use...

Practical Action Eastern Africa, Published by Practical Action Eastern Africa on 2014

Beekeeping in Uganda

Bee-keeping is an important seasonal activity in almost of all parts of Uganda. The primary purpose of the Honey Beekeepers Project (HBP) was to provide Empower and Care Organization (EACO)...

Nando Aidos, Published on 2015

Prensa Manual Para Briquetes - Historias de Mudanca

Tudo começou na ilha de Príncipe, na pequena república africana de São Tomé e Príncipe, onde, na maioria das vezes, se cozinha em fogo aberto, onde a lenha cortada é regularmente queimada. Esta...

Nando Aidos, Published on 2015

Manual Press for Fuel Briquettes

It all started on the Island of Príncipe, in the small African Republic of São Tomé e Príncipe where cooking is mostly done on an open fire where chopped down firewood is regularly burned. This...

Nando Aidos, Published on 2015

Unidade Para Compostagen Numa Escola

Na pequena ilha do Príncipe, na República de São Tomé e Príncipe, uma escola encontrou uma solução para o papel escolar usado e descartado e para os restos de comida. Um grupo de alunos da escola...

Nando Aidos, Published on 2015

School Composting Box

On a small island of Príncipe in the African republic of São Tomé e Príncipe, a school found a way of getting rid of their scrap paper and food scraps. A group of secondary school students needed a...

Nando Aidos, Published by Practical Action on 2015

Growing Food at Ultra-Low Cost Without Land

Producing vegetables & fruit in rows of vertically hung bags provides food & income for individuals and small cooperatives. In arid climates it uses very much less water than land based crops and...

Mike Tomkinson, Published by Practical Action on 2014

New Variety of Rice Increases Production

Abdus Salam, a farmer in Bangladesh, adopts the new BRRI Dhan-50 variety of rice to increase his production.

Practical Action, Published by Practical Action on 2013

Cook Electric - The Ghandruk Experience

It describes the experiences from Ghandruk that how micro-hydro can help rural communities to use the power for electric cooking to save fuelwood.

Janet Bell, Published on 1994

Bicycle Trailers in Zambia

This is a comprehensive case study in Zambia that used Practical Action's Bicycle Trailer Technical Brief.

Alison Noble, Published on 2006

Solar Drying in Peru

Bruno Caracchini has followed up on his idea of producing and marketing dehydrated fruit. His business is in the pilot stage.

Giannina Solari, Published on 2011

Women Alpaca-Raisers complete their studies at the Kamayoq School

The Kamayoq school is where dozens of people have to opportunity to acquire technical expertise in activities, like raising livestock or growing crops in Peru.

Published by Practical Action, Latin America on 2013

সব্জি চাষে ভাগ্য বদল

কেস স্টাডি: সব্জি চাষে ভাগ্য বদল

Published on 2010

ज्ञान मार्फत आलु उत्पादनमा वृद्धि ।

यो भिडियो सफलताको कथा प्राविधिक ज्ञान सेवाका एक जना लाभान्वित महिला गंगा कुमारी भुजेलको हो, जसमा ज्ञान प्राप्त गर्नाले खेती क्षमता र उत्पादनमा अभिवृद्धी भएको देखाइएको छ ।

Practical Action, Published on 2014

Podcasting Empowering Gwanda Communities

Podcasting has been implemented with participation from a multitude of local stakeholders in the Gwanda district of Zimbabwe.

Thembinkosi Nyathi, Published by Practical Action Southern Africa on 2013

Evaporative Cooling in India

A case study from Indicorp describing the introduction of a domestic cooler.

Karthik Raman, Published by Indicorps on 2007


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