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Pickles and Vinegars

These approaches to preserving fruit and vegetables, using simple methods and little resources, can be done both on a domestic and commercial scale.

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مخلل الباذنجان

فيديو يشرح كيفية تصنيع مخلل الباذنجان

Practical Action, Published by Practical Action on 2013

Vinaigre de Fruits

Un guide pour préparer, fabriquer et mettre en vente du vinaigre de fruits à petite échelle.

Practical Action, Published on 1992

Pickled Vegetables

Atchar is a hot vegetable pickle eaten in Botswana. It is made from carrots, onions, cabbage and sometimes sweet peppers and green beans.

Published on 2011

Pickled Papaya

This pickle is more like a chutney;as it is prepared by adding sugar, vinegar and salt to the fruits.

Sue Azam-Ali, Dr, Published on 2009

Dry Salted Pickled Cucumbers

Pickled cucumbers are made throughout the world - in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The basics are outlined in this brief.

Sue Azam-Ali, Dr, Published on 2009

Chutneys et Sauces

La préparation de chutneys et de sauces est une méthode bien connue de préservation des fruits et des légumes utilisant du sucre et de l'acide acétique ou du vinaigre chauffés ensemble.

Sue Azam-Ali, Dr, Published on 2012

Pineapple Peel Vinegar

This product enables the use of pineapple peels, which would otherwise be discarded. The product has a distinct, very light pineapple flavour.

Sue Azam-Ali, Dr, Published on 2007

Lime Pickle (Brined)

Lime pickle is made from salted pieces of lime and is eaten as a condiment to curries.

Sue Azam-Ali, Dr, Published on 2008

Green Mango Pickle

Green mango pickle, lime pickle (brined), and jack-fruit pickle can be prepared in a similar way.

Sue Azam-Ali, Dr, Published on 2008

Fruit Vinegar

A guide for preparing, manufacturing and marketing fruit vinegar on a small scale.

Diana Colquichagua, Published on 1992

Dry Salted Lime Pickle

Dry salted lime pickles are produced in Asia and Africa, particularly popular in India, Pakistan and North Africa. They are eaten as a condiment. Learn how they are made!

Sue Azam-Ali, Dr, Published on 2009

Chutneys and Sauces

The preparation of chutneys and sauces is a well known preservation method for fruit and vegetables using sugar and acetic acid or vinegar heated together.

Sue Azam-Ali, Dr, Published on 2008


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