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Packaging and Bottling

A vital aid to preserving and protecting perishable goods. Appropriate packaging will ensure that products will get appropriate protection during storage, distribution, handling and use, getting to markets at their best.

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Crown Cork Machine in Zip dwg files

Practical Action, Published on 2015

These technical drawings shows a hand operated device for sealing bottle tops in zip dwg files.

Mise en Conserve d'Aliments

Tony Swetman, Published on 2013

La mise en conserve est une méthode sûre et pratique de conservation. La stérilisation thermique détruit les enzymes et les micro-organismes qui abîmerait autrement la nourriture.

Systeme Simple de Refroidissement

Barrie Axtell, Published on 1998

Un système simple et bon marché développé pour permettre le refroidissement contrôlé des jus de fruits en bouteille et des pots de confiture.

Washing and Steam Sterilising of Bottles

Published on 2011

It is essential that all glass containers used for foods are clean and in good condition. This fact sheet describes washing and steaming techniques.

Packaging Materials

Peter Fellows, Published on 2008

This fact sheet describes the technical properties of different food packaging materials.

Packaging Foods in Glass

Tony Swetman, Published on 2008

This fact sheet is intended to advise small-scale producers on the methods and equipment needed to package foods in glass jars and bottles.

Low Cost Bottle and Jar Cooling System

Barrie Axtell, Published on 1998

A simple, cheap system developed to allow controlled cooling of both bottled fruit drinks and jam jars.

Filling and Sealing Packaged Foods

Peter Fellows, Published on 2008

Varying seals are used to suit different foods and their shelf life. This brief describes methods of filling and sealing food containers in small-scale processing.

Crown Cork Machine

Andrew Russell, Published on 2011

This technical drawing shows a hand operated device for sealing bottle tops.

Canning Food

Tony Swetman, Published on 2008

Canning is a safe and useful method of preservation. Heat sterilisation destroys food-spoiling enzymes and micro-organisms.


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