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Natural Resources Management

We live in an interconnected world where all our actions cause direct or indirect effect on our land, air and water ecosystems. Exploitation of natural resources since the industrial revolution has caused many negative impacts, for example climate change, with those in poorer regions being affected more. Participatory approaches to planning natural resource management activities helps to ensure sustainable livelihoods for local communities while protecting our planet.

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Natural Resource Management

Jan Bojo, Published by World Bank Group on 2000

The perspective of this paper is that NRM should contribute to poverty alleviation, and that natural resources should be used in a sustainable manner to enhance human welfare. While poverty...

Natural resource management and the importance of gender

WWF-UK, Published by WWF-UK on 2012

Taking into account the different roles and responsibilities of men and women is critical to the sustainable management of natural resources as well as the success of NRM policies and programmes....

Report of the policy scan: urban and peri-urban agro forestry in...

Gunasekara J., Published on 2012

This is the final report of study on policy scan  and the objective of this study is to identifying the legal and policy contexts within which urban and peri urban agriculture and forestry (UPAF)...

जलवायु परिवर्तन सूचना निर्देशिका

Practical Action Nepal Office, Published on 2007

जलवायु परिवर्तनको जोखिमबाट बचौं ।

समुहगत स्यालो ट्यूबवेल निर्माण र सञ्चालन

Practical Action, Published on 2009

विषशे गरी साना तथा सिमान्तकृत कृषकहरूका लागि झन् सुख्खा खडेरीको प्रकोप निश्चित रूपमा अधिक हुन्छ ।

4th National Knowledge Convention - English

Practical Action Bangladesh;ActionAid, Bangladesh;Plan Bangladesh, Published on 2012

Abstracts of 4th National Knowledge Convention proceedings in English.

Contrôler la Prolifération des Jacinthe d'eau

Paul Calvert, Published by Practical Action on 1998

Ce document propose des solutions d'ordre biologique, environnemental et chimique pour cultiver la jacinthe d'eau, et commente les usages éventuels que l'on pourrait faire de cette plante.

Shagra Community Forest

Published by Practical Action on 2013

Nadia Ibrahim Mohammed attended the “Greening Darfur” inception workshop and then decided to establish a community forest. In order to do this she mobilised the community, especially women groups,...


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