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Mechanical Power

Mechanical power, resulting from a combination of forces on an object and its resulting movements, has been used for centuries for agro/food processing, water pumping, irrigation and other productive uses. Despite its effectiveness and usefulness as an energy source for those with little access to conventional sources, there exists little information available and the topic is largely neglected compared with electricity generation and the use of hydrocarbon fuels such as diesel.

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Bicycle Trailers in Zambia

This is a comprehensive case study in Zambia that used Practical Action's Bicycle Trailer Technical Brief.

Alison Noble, Published on 2006

Bombas De Pedal

La bomba de pedal es una bomba de tracción humana de bajo coste diseñada para regar elevando aguas poco profundas.

Neil Noble, Published on 2010


This fact sheet describes the various modifications that can be made to bicycles such as panniers and extensions, and the uses they can be put to.

Neil Noble, Published by Practical Action on 2007

Treadle Pumps

A treadle pump is a human-powered low-cost pump designed to lift shallow water sources for irrigation.

Neil Noble, Published on 2010

Wind Pumping

This document examines the principles of wind energy conversion and looks at the types and characteristics of rotors, as well as the importance of matching rotor with pump.

Neil Noble, Published on 2008

Hydraulic Ram Pumps

The technical brief contains the detailed information on hydraulic ram pumps that can be used by communities around the world allowing access to water where the source of water is lower than the...

Published on 2010

Human & Animal Powered Water-Lifting Devices for Irrigation

Recent developments in human and animal-powered lifters have concentrated on increasing the efficiency of water lifting, combining ease of use with higher water delivery.

Jane Oley, Published on 2008


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