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Legumes, Beans and Grains

We look at a few of the options available to small-scale producers of legumes, beans and grains. This section will be populated with a wider variety of documents soon.

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Tofu and Soymilk Production

Sue Azam-Ali, Dr, Published on 2011

Soya is a good source of protein and can be processed in a number of ways. This brief looks at some of the options including the production of tofu from soya curd.

Production de Tofu et de Lait de Soja

Sue Azam-Ali, Dr, Published on 2013

Traitement à petite échelle ou privée de grains de soja, avec utilisations et recettes Soja

Soya Bean Coffee

Practical Action, Published by Practical Action Southern Africa on 2013

An agro-processing guide to preparation of soya bean coffee

Chinese Rice Grinders in Sri Lanka

Practical Action, Published by Practical Action on 2002

Grinding rice produces rice flour which is used for a variety of popular food preparations. Doing this by hand is an arduous task. Practical Action investigates the use of a machine to grind the...

Coffee Processing

Tony Swetman, Published on 2009

This fact sheet describes the types of coffee, and the techniques and equipment needed for small-scale coffee production.


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