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Fuels and Engines

There are many options of fuels that can be used for domestic and commercial use. Some of these are highlighted here such as biodiesel, ethanol and kerosene. It must also be noted that these fuels are not ‘clean’, and can be harmful to the environment and people’s health.

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The Kenya Charcoal Policy Handbook

Practical Action Eastern Africa, Published by Practical Action Eastern Africa on 2011

Policy Innovation Systems for Clean Energy Security (PISCES)was a five-year research project funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) of the United Kingdom (UK), being...


Published on 2011

Este informe explica lo que es biodiésel, sus ventajas y desventajas.

Kérosène & Gaz de Pétrole Liquéfié (GPL)

Elizabeth Bates, Published on 2012

Ce rapport se concentre sur le kérosène et GPL et examine les différents types de poêles et lampes disponibles, y compris le poêle à mèche, le poêle à alcool pressurisé, et les lampes à pétrole.

Ethanol as a Household Fuel in Madagascar

Martin Bounds, Published on 2012

This brief details a project to study the viability of ethanol as a commercial household fuel in Madagascar, and it was initiated to help achieve the goals set out by the Madagascar Action Plan...


Matt Williams, Published on 2012

This brief defines biodiesel and explains its advantages and disadvantages

Producer Gas for Power Generation

Andrew Russell, Published on 2008

Producer gas is formed by the partial oxidation of a carbonaceous material, such as biomass or coal, in a furnace, generator, or 'producer' unit. This fact sheet outlines the method of doing this,...

Diesel Engine Repair and Maintenance

Shamim Hasan Paritosh Kumar Malo, Published on 2007

This printable booklet explains diesel engines and basic repair and maintenance in light of the most commonly faced problems.

Diesel Engines

Neil Noble, Published on 2007

In many countries diesel engines play a very important role in providing power and electricity for remote locations.

Une Reconstruction Centrée sur les Gens

Theo Schilderman, Published on 2011

Ce guide de reconstruction, axé sur les besoins des populations, fournit des informations sur la manière dont les populations pauvres en lieu urbain et rural peuvent réunir leurs forces afin de...

Produção e Uso de Pinhão Manso

Thembinkosi Nyathi, Published on 2013

This example is based on small-scale cultivation and processing in Zimbabwe.

Kerosene and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Martin Bounds, Published on 2012

Kerosene and LPG are types of oil and gas. This brief looks at how they are formed, where they can be of use and examines various types of stoves and lamps available, including the wick stove, the...

Liquid Biofuels and Sustainable Development

Elizabeth Bates, Published on 2007

Biofuels are a source of energy from plants. We look here at the three main types - ethanol, biodiesel and oils from pressed seeds and nuts, and at the ethical and environmental issues associated...

Production and Use of Jatropha

Thembinkosi Nyathi, Published on 2010

Based on small-scale cultivation and processing of Jatropha flowering plants in Zimbabwe.


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