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Food Processing - General Documents

General documents relating to food processing.

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Bakeries enterprise in Sri Lanka: a preliminary investigation

This is an investigative study about the bakery enterprises in Sri Lanka conducted by Practical Action Sri Lanka in 1989.

Practical Action Sri Lanka, Published on 1989


Baking is the process that uses an oven or hotplate to cook a wide range of flour-based foods.

Peter Fellows;Barrie Axtell, Published on 2012

Cacao et Chocolat

Culture, fermentation, séchage, nettoyage, rôtissage, broyage, vannage, alcalinisation, meulage et la production de cacao et chocolat.

Practical Action, Published on 2013

Carrying Out a Feasibility Study

When starting up a new business, it is essential to be aware of the different aspects involved, including technical, market and financial issues.

Sue Azam-Ali, Dr, Published on 2009

Cashew Pancakes

This brief depicts how to make cashew pancakes on a small scale.

Rose Clarkson, Published by IMDP on 2002

Cashew quality workshop: working papers

This report includes working papers prepared for the cashew quality workshop. The main purpose of the workshop was to start a discussion towards concrete action to strengthen and increase the...

Practical Action Sri Lanka, Published on 2015

Comment se Constituer une Clientéle et la Conserver

L'une des difficultés rencontrées par de nombreux propriétaires de petites entreprises du secteur alimentaire est de trouver des clients.

Peter Fellows, Published on 2012

Conception de Materials Usage Alimentaire

Dans ce dossier technique, sont décrits quelques principes élémentaires qui peuvent être utilisés pour vérifier la conception d’un équipement fabriqué sur place ou d’importation.

Barrie Axtell, Published on 2003

Contrôle de Qualité en Matière de Transformation D'Aliments

Élément essentiel de toute société de transformation alimentaire, QC protège les clients et l'entreprise tout en s'assurant du respect des lois en matière d'alimentation.

Barrie Axtell;Tony Swetman, Published on 2014

Cooking with Prosopis Flour

Recipes tried and tested in Baringo District, Kenya

Garden Organic (HDRA), Published by Garden Organic (HDRA) on 2015

Cured Meat Products

A simple approach to preserving meat using techniques including salting, drying, smoking, reducing temperature, and simple checmical treatment

Peter Fellows, Published on 2008

El Mumu - Un metodo tradicional de cocinar alimentos en papua Nueva Guinea

El mumu es un homo que se prepara cavando un hoyo en la tierra. Para que funcione se calientan algunas piedras que luego se colocan alrededor y sobre 105 alimentos. El calor es transferido a la...

P A Dopade, Published by International Foundation for Sciences on 2013

Extrusion of Foods

There are two types of extrusion process: cold extrusion, which mixes and shapes foods such as biscuit dough and pasta without cooking them; and hot extrusion (or extrusion cooking).

Peter Fellows, Published on 2012

Fermented Foods

Fermented foods include fermented cereal products, alcoholic drinks, fermented dairy products and soybean products among many others.

Peter Fellows, Published on 2012

Fish Smoker

A simple design for a fish smoker developed in Sri Lanka

Practical Action, Published by Practical Action on 2015

Food Labelling

Labelling is an important process in the food processing chain. It is the first point of contact between consumer and producer.

Sue Azam-Ali, Dr, Published on 2008

Food Processing Building Design

Whether starting from the beginning or converting an existing structure, these notes give relevant guidance.

Barrie Axtell, Published on 2003

Food Processing Equipment Design

The correct design of equipment and facilities is important to maintain adequate food hygeine standards. In this fact sheet, some simple principles are described which can be used to check the...

Barrie Axtell, Published on 2003

Food Processing in Parcona, Peru

Handbooks on making jams, yoghurt and fruit nectars were used help the Women's Association of Parcona develop their business.

Giannina Solari, Published on 2009

Fruit Juice Processing

This brief looks at juice extraction, preparation, pasteurisation, bottling, quality control, and equipment suppliers.

Sue Azam-Ali, Dr, Published on 2008


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