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Food Hygiene and Safety

Food hygiene and safety are a fundamental part of any food processing enterprise whether large or small. They ensure that the food is clean and safe to eat for all.

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සෞඛ්‍යාරක්ෂිතව ආහාර සකස් කිරීම, සැපයීම සහ අලෙවිය සදහා අත්වැලක්

This booklet consists of important guidelines on processing, supplying and marketing of food under good hygienic conditions.

Practical Action, Published on 2015

Aflatoxins – The Invisible Threat in Food and Feeds

Aflatoxins are toxic fungal growth that can occur on crops in the field or in storage.

Ranajit Bandyopadhyay, Published by CGIAR SP-IPM on 2010

Intoxication Alimentaire et sa Prevention

Les types d’empoisonnement alimentaire, leurs possibles causes et comment les éviter.

Barrie Axtell, Published on 2009

Making Safe Food

A guide to safe food handling and packaging for small-scale producers.

Peter Fellows;Vishaka Hidellage;Emma Judge, Published on 1998

Hygiène et Production Alimentaire

Un guide à destination des petits producteurs pour la manipulation et l'emballage de la nourriture en toute sécurité.

Peter Fellows;Vishaka Hidellage;Emma Judge, Published by CTA on 1998

Food Poisoning and its Prevention

Types of food poisoning and their possible causes.

Barrie Axtell, Published on 2009

Basic Rules of Hygiene, Sanitation and Safety in Food Processing

Subjects include advice on personal hygiene, working practices, clothing, operating machinery, and cleaning.

Peter Fellows;Barrie Axtell, Published on 2003


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