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Environment and Adaptation to Climate Change

The increasing variability of our climate, largely due to the over-exploitation of natural resources by industrialised countries, is having a dramatic impact on people in poorer countries living in poverty. Changes to climate may include unpredictable rainfall patterns, increased frequency and intensity of storms, and sea level rise. Communities are being forced to change their ways of living in order to adapt: growing different crops, making better use of scarce water resources, using different production methods, or preparing for more frequent weather-related disasters. For adaptation, the technologies that will be useful to one community may not apply to another: they must be rooted in the local context and people's knowledge, culture and values, as these will determine how they can best cope with change. The few technologies described here offer some relevant solutions to the challenges that communities all around the world will increasingly find themselves having to face.

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Adapting Rice to Saltier Conditions

This brief outlines the approach of using indigenous varieties of rice to develop salt tolerant crops for areas where soil salinity is an increasing problem.

Amruta Khatavkar, Published by Practical Action on 2012

Adapting to Climate Change

This presentation looks at the current scenario of climate change and it's impact on European and Asian countries

Amanda Ross, Published on 2013

Adapting to Climate Change in Sri Lanka

A presentation highlighting the key problems and solutions with a focus on salinity affected paddy.

Vajira Hettige, Published by Practical Action on 2012

Adapting to Drought in Gwanda District

This video shows the approach taken by Practical Action Southern Africa and farmers working in Gwanda, Zimbabwe.

Douglas Gumbo, Published on 2005

Artificial Reefs and their Placement

People are destroying coral reefs at an unprecedented rate. One part of a solution could be for the community to build artificial reefs. People are destroying coral reefs at an unprecedented...

Paul Calvert, Published on 1995

Assessment of Vulnerability to Climate Change and Adaptation Options for The Coastal People of Bangladesh

The Bangladesh coastal zone is faced with a plethora of hydro-geographical constraints, coupled with unsustainable land use practices and precarious resource management. These conditions give rise...

Ahsan Uddin Ahmed, Published on 2012

Building Resistance to Drought in the Karamoja Cluster of Eastern Africa

Work in Karamoja cluster focuses on strengthening the ability of poor people to use technology: in its broadest sense, to cope with threats from natural disasters, environmental degradation and...

Practical Action, Published on 2013

Communicating uncertainty: media stories from Sri Lanka on climate change

Practical Action together with the Sri Lanka press Institute facilitated young journalists to look for human interests stories on climate change and encouraged them to investigate and report on...

Senanayake,D.(ed);Ayub,M. (ed);Mirinda,R. (ed);Kekulandera,B. (ed), Published on 2015

Community Based Adaptation

This brief highlights the experience of a pilot project, where technological innovations have played a vital role in improving the resilience of the poor communities of south-western coastal areas...

Published on 2013

Exploring participation and information access in climate adaptation planning

A Google.org Sponsored Project in Kenya The SEI, with Kenyan partners ACTS and Practical Action, aims to explore how to deploy information on climate change, potential impacts and integrated...

Adriaan Tas, Tom Downing, Eric Kisiangani, Published by Practical Action Eastern Africa on 2008

Fisherfolk safeguarding aquatic diversity through fishing techniques

This introduction to the series of three Dynamic Diversity booklets provide an overview of the common issues concerning the maintenance of the biodiversity of all food species.

Janet Bell;Brian O'Riordan;Patrick Mulvany, Published on 1996

Fishing out the Gene Pool

This brief explains how the world's fish stocks are in danger from modern fishing methods.

Brian O'Riordan, Published by Appropriate Technology Journal on 1992

Floating Gardening: a local lad becoming a climate celebrity?

Floating gardening in Bangladesh is an example of how a traditional practice can become a development sensation. Haseeb Md. Irfanullah asks if this picturesque technique will be compatible with...

Haseeb Md. Irfanullah, Published by Clean Slate on 2013

Floating Gardens in Bangladesh

A floating garden is built using aquatic weeds as a base on which vegetables can be grown.

Neil Noble, Published on 2006

From Vulnerability to Resilience (V2R)

This documents sets out the key factors that contribute to peoples' vulnerability: exposure to hazards and stresses and fragile livelihoods. It provides detailed explanation of the linkages between...

Katherine Pasteur, Published on 2011

From Vulnerability to Resilience: A handbook for programming design based on field experience in Nepal

This handbook is an excellent starting point as it provides a straightforward, step-by-step guide to understanding changing disaster risk and how to translate this into a set of possible...

Maggie Ibrahim;Nicola Ward, Published on 2012

Impacts of Climate Change in Nepal

Taap Narayan adapts to climate change by adopting different livelihood options to secure his livelihood. Check out the video to see what Taap is doing differently.

Practical Action, Published on 2014

Integrating Approaches: Sustainable Livelihoods, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation

Sustainable livelihoods, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation emissions

Katherine Pasteur;Lars Otto Naess etl, Published by Practical Action on 2010

Invasive Floating Water Weeds - Killing Life and Commerce

This brief looks at some of the options for controlling aquatic weeds.

O. Ajuonu, Published by CGIAR SP-IPM on 2010

Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation in Agricultural Extension – Part 1

A training manual on use of climate information and capacity assessment for agricultural extension staff in Zimbabwe.

Published by Agritex, Practical Action, University of Reading on 2013


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