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Energy access is a key element to improving people’s lives, especially in more remote rural communities where mains electricity does not reach, and basic needs are met with difficulty as a result. In these locations there are a number of small-scale renewable energy technologies that can be used. These technologies include; micro-hydro, solar energy, wind as well as more traditional biomass technologies such as biogas, crop waste, biofuels and stoves.

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A public dialogue on sustainability and equity in energy

a paper produced for the conference on achieving sustainability and equity in energy; policy choices for the future; 30 January 2008 Colombo

Practical Action Sri Lanka, Published on 2008

Africa -up in smokes 2

Too much or too little rain can be a matter of life or death in Africa. At different times and in different places across the continent, climate change threatens both. This briefing brings up to


Practical Action Eastern Africa, Published by Practical Action Eastern Africa on 2006

Alumbrado Rural

Lighting is taken for granted in industrial countries. It is hard for many people to imagine living at night without being able to obtain light at the flick of a switch.This fact sheet looks at...

Neil Noble, Published on 2008


Existe una amplia variedad de baterías, por lo que el objetivo de este Informe Técnico será servir como introducción a las ventajas y desventajas que presentan cada una de ellas.

Practical Action, Published on 2015


Multiple battery types are looked at - the advantages and disadvantages of each one, their life, cost, power, and other general differences.

Appropriate Technology, Published by Appropriate Technology Journal on 1994

Community Based Micro-Hydro Village Electrification Scheme Technology and Approach

Booklet on community based micro hydro village electrification scheme technology to explain how science is used in technology development.

P.G. Ajith Kumara;Namiz Musafer;Tushani Kalugalagedera, Published by Practical Action on 2012

Conexión a la Red Eléctrica

Este documento analiza el potencial de conexión a la red y las alternativas para el suministro de electricidad en las zonas rurales.

Alison Doig, Dr, Published on 2013

Cuisson a L'energie Solaire et Sante

Idées sur ce que la cuisson solaire est d'environ, ses capacités, ses problèmes de santé ainsi que ses limites.

Darwin Curtis, Published on 2006

Developing Mini-grids in Zambia : How to build sustainable and scalable business models?

In rural Zambia, less than 5% of households are connected to the electricity grid. Increasing this ratio is critical for the economic development of these populations. According to the...

Payen Luc (ENEA), Bordeleau Mathieu (ENEA), Tim Young (Practical Action), Published by Practical Action, United Kingdom on 2015

Energia para Comunidades Rurales

Casi un tercio de la población mundial no tiene acceso a la red eléctrica. Los hogares pueden utilizar la energía renovable para proporcionar electricidad.

Neil Noble, Published on 2005

Energy & marginalised groups

This presentation discusses about the energy issues of marginalized groups and proposes few viable solutions.

Musafer,N., Published on 2015

Energy Demand and Resource Assessment Study in Medadumbara Divisional Secretariat, Sri Lanka

This brief report summarizes the grassroots-level energy demand and resource assessment study that was carried out in the Medadumbara Divisional Secretariat area between June and August 2010.

Prof. Anoja Wikramasinghe, Published by Practical Action Consulting on 2013

Energy for Rural Communities

Nearly a third of the world's population have no access to grid electricity. Households can use off-grid renewable energy to provide electricity.

Neil Noble, Published on 2005

Energy Markets Roadmap Toolkit

This tool offers a structured sequence of steps to help energy practitioners facilitate the development of specific energy markets on the ground. It will help to build informal, dysfunctional


Ewan Bloomfield, Published on 2016

Gender and domestic energy needs in Sri Lanka

This paper reviews the recognition of gender aspects in current energy policies in Sri Lanka.

Practical Action Sri Lanka, Published on 2015

Gender audit of energy policy and programmes in kenya :

The Gender audit of energy policies and programmes is one of the outputs of Work Package 3 of the activities undertaken within the programme of ENERGIA5 called 'Turning Information into


Practical Action Eastern Africa, Published by Practical Action Eastern Africa on 2007

Grid Connection

This fact sheet looks at the potential for grid connection and its alternatives for providing electricity in rural areas.

Alison Doig, Dr, Published on 2007

Is a Community Based Micro-hydro Electrification Scheme Suitable for Your Village?

This document helps a lay person to understand and gain an idea as to whether their village has a potential to meet its own electricity needs through a community based micro-hydro village...

P.G. Ajith Kumara, Published by Practical Action on 2009

La Biomasse Comme Combustible Solide

La biomasse comme combustible solide est une source d'énergie à partir de matériaux y compris le bois, la sciure de bois, et les résidus de récolte, qui peut être utilisé directement ou transformé...

Elizabeth Bates, Published on 2012

L’Éclairage en Milieu Rural

L’éclairage est considéré comme acquis dans les pays industrialisés. Il est dur pour beaucoup de personnes d’imaginer vivre la nuit sans être capable d’obtenir de la lumière juste en appuyant sur...

Neil Noble, Published by Appropriate Technology Magazine on 2010


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