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Emergency Relief

Emergency relief is the immediate response to disaster events, where there is generally a need to act quickly in order to save lives. However, as the situation becomes stabilised the nature of the response changes to that of reconstruction.

This section looks at the resources available to assist in the immediate aftermath of an event. Practical Action is not an emergency relief organisation and consequently most information in this section will originate from other organisations.

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Participatory Environmental Management for Refugee Hosting Areas

A Sourcebook for Decision Makers and Fieldworkers. Concepts, Experiences and Guidelines for Participatory Environmental Mitigation in Refugee Hosting Areas of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Congo DR

Thomas Hoerz , Nancy Chege, Karen Jacobsen, Muiruri J. Kimani and Charles O. Nyandiga, Published by GIZ (GTZ) on 2015

Water Supply During Emergencies

Overview of options for water supply in an emergency context, with relation to people-centred reconstruction principles.

Martin Bounds, Published on 2012

Types of Toilet for Emergencies & Reconstruction

An overview of the toilet options available in a post-disaster context.

Martin Bounds, Published on 2008


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