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Drying crops is a good preservation technique and can be an income generator. These documents include detailed briefs on how to construct a popular crop dryer.

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تجفيف الخضر والفاكهة

يحتوى هذا الدليل على كيفية تصنيع الخضر والفاكهة والمربيات والعصائر ويوضح كيفية تخزين وإعداد وحفظ وتصنيع الأغذية لاتباع نظام غذائي صحي على مدار السنة

Practical Action Sudan, Published on 2015

DRYIT Batch Tray Dryer in Zip dwg file

Drawings show a double chamber batch dryer used for drying foods and herbs in Zip dwg files.

Andrew Russell, Published on 2015

Un Secador Simple

Este secador es una construcción de ladrillos de barro hecha cerca del suelo que utiliza únicamente materiales de bajo costo. Practical Action Nepal ha promovido este tipo de secador en partes...

Neil Noble, Published on 2015

Production de Piment Sec

Le piment (Capsicum annum) est originaire du Mexique mais est maintenant cultivé et utilisé dans la plupart des régions du monde.

Sue Azam-Ali, Dr, Published on 2008

Sechage des Produits Alimentaires

Cet aperçu technique décrit certaines conditions nécessaires à la déshydratation des aliments, et résume ce qu'il faut savoir sur les divers équipements de déshydratation.

Sue Azam-Ali, Dr, Published on 2014

تجفيف فاكهة الجوافة

فيديو يشرح كيفية تجفيف فاكهة الجوافة

Practical Action, Published by Practical Action on 2013

تجفيف الجزر

فيديو يشرح كيفية تجفيف الجزر

Practical Action, Published by Practical Action on 2013

DRYIT - Construccion de la Secadora de Bandejas

Guía completa sobre cómo construir esta secadora de bandejas. Do a better description like English one? Comprehensive guide on how to make Practical Action's tray dryer, consisting of a cabinet of...

Barrie Axtell;Andrew Jones, Published by Practical Action on 2011

Solar Drying in Peru

Bruno Caracchini has followed up on his idea of producing and marketing dehydrated fruit. His business is in the pilot stage.

Giannina Solari, Published on 2011

DRYIT Semi-continuous Tray Dryer: Construction Video

This video provides some guidelines on the construction of the tray dryer developed by Practical Action.

Barrie Axtell

DRYIT Small Semi-continuous Tray Dryer

Engineering drawings for the DRYIT semi-continuous tray dryer.

Barrie Axtell, Published on 2007

DRYIT Batch Tray Dryer

This drawing shows a double chamber batch dryer used for drying foods and herbs

Andrew Russell

The Dehydration Rack

This is a technical drawing of a simple drying rack for drying food products.

Kamal Khalifa

Solar Dryer Plans

Description by means of plan drawings of the coconut dryer and the Kenya black box dryer

Matthew G. Green;Dishna Schwarz

Solar Drying Equipment: Notes on Three Driers

Three different types of solar dryers are described


Drying Vegetables

This document describes how to dry vegetables for preservation.

Practical Action, Published on 2011

Secadora de Bandejas

El término de 'secadora de bandejas' se aplica normalmente a pequeños sistemas industriales Guía completa sobre cómo hacer el secador de bandejas de Practical Action, el cual consiste en un...

Barrie Axtell, Published on 1995

Le Sechage des Abricots

Dried apricots are a popular product worldwide. They are relatively easy to dry and are a good source of vitamin A, iron and sugar.

Sue Azam-Ali, Dr, Published on 2011

Séchage Solaire

La chaleur du soleil, associée au vent, est utilisée pour sécher les cultures vivrières, dans le but de leur conservation, depuis des milliers d'années.

Tony Swetman, Published on 2007

Drying Vegetables

Good options for drying vegetables are detailed here.

Practical Action, Published on 2011


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