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Crop Storage and Preservation

Crop losses are a major problem in many regions, and are increasing due to climate change and food security issues. However, careful and simple preservation and storage techniques can help reduce crop losses.

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Postharvest Loss: Hermetic Sealing with Locally Available Containers

Scientific Animations Without Borders, Published by Scientific Animations Without Borders on 2016

This animation explains how to avoid insect damage when storing beans after harvest using a locally available, airtight container. Beans can be stored in an airtight container for long periods of...

मकै भाँच्ने तथा भण्डारण

Rakesh Khadka, Published by Practical Action, Nepal on 2016

मकै भाँच्ने तथा भण्डारणको बारे यस ज्ञान सामग्रिमा समावेश गरिएको छ।

Transportation and Storage of Potato

Practical Action Nepal;READ Nepal, Published on 2015

This technical brief describes the best methods for storing and transporting potatoes

Canari Frigo – Réfrigérateur sans électricité

Peter Rinker, Published on 2014

Ce document a été produit sur la base de l'expérience du mouvement Verein travailler au Burkina Faso, Afrique de l'Ouest sur le refroidisseur par évaporation pour la conservation des aliments.

Evaporative Cooling - The Ceramic Refrigerator - Large

Kamal Khalifa, Published on 2008

The pot-in-pot design used in Sudan can be made in many different sizes.

Sechage des Produits Alimentaires

Sue Azam-Ali, Dr, Published on 2014

Cet aperçu technique décrit certaines conditions nécessaires à la déshydratation des aliments, et résume ce qu'il faut savoir sur les divers équipements de déshydratation.

বানিজ্যিক ভিত্তিতে পান চাষ

Practical Action, Published on 2008

এই পুস্তিকাটিতে বানিজ্যিক ভিত্তিতে ও আধুনিক পদ্ধতিতে উন্নত জাতের পান চাষ সম্পর্কে বণনা করা হয়েছে

ঔষধী গাছের নার্সারি

Practical Action, Published on 2008

এই পুস্তিকাটিতে ঔষধী গাছের চাষ পদ্ধতি ও ঔষধী গুনাগুন সম্পর্কে আলোচনা করা হয়েছে

ভুট্টা চাষ ব্যবস্থাপনা

Practical Action, Published on 2013

এই ডক্যুমেন্টটিতে ভুট্টা্ চাষ ব্যবস্থাপনা সম্পর্কে বিস্তারিত বর্ণিত হয়েছে

Clay Pot Cooler – Cooling Food Without Electricity

Peter Rinker, Published on 2014

This document has been produced based on the experience of Movement Verein working in Burkina Faso, West Africa on the evaporative cooler for food preservation.

Zeer pot clay fridge - preserving food in Sudan

Published on 2009

An introduction to the approach taken in Sudan to make evaporative coolers for food preservation.

Solar Drying in Peru

Giannina Solari, Published on 2011

Bruno Caracchini has followed up on his idea of producing and marketing dehydrated fruit. His business is in the pilot stage.

Clay Evaporative Coolers Performance Research

Liam Morgan, Published on 2009

This document reports on the research carried out in Sudan in 2009 on the performance of evaporative coolers in relation to their placement while storing food.

Evaporative Cooling - The Ceramic Refrigerator

Kamal Khalifa, Published on 2008

The ceramic refrigerator uses evaporative cooling to keep food fresh without a power source.

Refrigeration in developing countries

Ray Holland, Published on 2003

Many areas in developing countries are without reliable electricity supply. However, refrigeration plays an important role in the preservation of food and medicines. This fact sheet looks at...

Refroidissement Par Evaporation

Neil Noble, Published on 2012

Conserver des produits au frais grâce à des méthode de réfrigération ne nécessitant aucune alimentation électrique externe.

Cold Storage of Fruit and Vegetables

Peter Fellows, Published on 2008

This fact sheet gives an outline of the storage requirements of different crops, and looks at the construction and operation of cold stores.

Potato Storage and Processing

Peter Fellows, Published on 2012

Potatoes are the fourth-largest food crop after rice, wheat, and maize. This brief describes how to make best use of them.

Evaporative Cooling

Neil Noble, Published on 2003

Keeping produce fresh with refrigeration methods that require no external power.

La Refrigeración por Evaporación

Neil Noble, Published on 1994

Manteniendo la frescura de los alimentos con métodos de refrigeración que no requieren fuente de energía externa.


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