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Boiling Point

Boiling Point is a practitioner’s journal for those working with household energy and cookstoves. It deals with technical, social, financial and environmental issues and aims to improve the quality of life for poor communities living in the developing world. The journal is a forum for the sharing of information and experiences on household energy. Boiling Point was created in 1982 by Practical Action who published the first 52 issues and is now a publication of the Household Energy Network (HEDON).

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Boiling Point 50: Sparknet Conferences

Published on 2005

This article talks about the Conference being held on Household energy scenarios

Boiling Point 47: Regional Wood Energy Development Programme

Published on 2011

What's the latest news in Household Energy magazine?

Boiling Point 48 : Improved Stoves as a Means of Poverty Alleviation

Didier Bazile, Published by Practical Action / GTZ on 2002

This study is designed to measure the economic impacts of the massive dissemination programme of improved stoves throughout the country.

Boiling Point 48 : Promoting Solar PV for Poverty Reduction in...

Dipal C. Barua, Published by Practical Action / GTZ on 2002

Solar energy has produced economic benefits including both self-employment and increased manpower hours.

Boiling Point 48 : Getting To KnOw the Change Agents

Grant Ballard-Tremeer, Published by Practical Action / GTZ on 2002

Change agents are positive people: they do not see problems – they only see challenges

Boiling Point 48 : The Impact of Energy Infrastructure Projects on...

Rona Wilkinson, Published by Practical Action / GTZ on 2002

This article is based on two case studies of micro-hydro installations in Nepal and Kenya, carried out within an overall project managed by Intermediate Technology Consultants

Boiling Point 48 : The Sustainable Urban Livelihoods Framework – A...

Alison Bannister, Published by Practical Action / GTZ on 2002

This article describes an evaluation of the importance of energy in relation to interventions, shocks and stresses in a poor community in Ghana. The

Boiling Point 49: Forests, Fuel and Food

Elizabeth Bates, Published by Practical Action on 2003

Sustainable commercial firewood in Brazil and Nicaragua - Super-insulated housing for Northern Asia - Insulative ceramics for improved cooking stoves - Policy decisions to conserve forest reserves...

Boiling Point 48 : Strengthening NGOs and CBOs Working with...

Auke Koopmans, Published by Practical Action / GTZ on 2002

One of the primary obstacles faced by CBOs and NGOs who want to be active in the promotion of improved stoves is the concentration of technical and programmatic skills among a few experts in...

Boiling Point 48 : The Indian Stove Programme: An Insider’s View –...

Bhaskar Sinha, Published by Practical Action / GTZ on 2002

An article dissecting the Indian national programme on improved Chulhas, the NPIC in Maharashtra and empowering the economically vulnerable.

Boiling Point 48 : Rice Husk – An Alternative Fuel in Perú

Estela Assureira, Published by Practical Action / GTZ on 2002

This study investigates the usefulness of rice husk as an alternative fuel for household energy. The work included an analysis of the production of rice in Perú, visits to the productive zones,...

Boiling Point 48 : Plant-oil Cooking Stove for Developing Countries

Elmar Stumpf, Published by Practical Action / GTZ on 2002

Plant oils are a new alternative cooking fuel resource, providing a sustainable and independent cooking energy supply.

Boiling Point 48 : Energy Efficient Housing to Benefit South...

W.E. Klunne, Published by Practical Action / GTZ on 2002

By designing houses with energy efficiency in mind, the amount of energy needed to keep the house comfortable can be reduced dramatically.

Boiling Point 48 : Participatory Approaches for Alleviating Indoor...

Elizabeth Bates;Nigel Bruce;Alison Doig, Dr;Stephen Gitonga, Published by Practical Action / GTZ on 2002

The participatory approach being adopted by ITDG works with communities, discussing with households the KnOwn scientific risks of indoor air pollution, and working with them to find solutions which...

Boiling Point 48 : What’s Happening in Household Energy?

Published by Practical Action / GTZ on 2002

An article to illustrate the progressions made in household energy including Community Fund's International Grants Programme, Charcoal Fuel and the ICS network in Nepal

Boiling Point 48 : ITDG Technical Information Service

Published by Practical Action / GTZ on 2002

With over 30 years experience of development and appropriate technology, ITDG can provide timely, quality information that responds to the information needs of individuals and organizations.

Boiling Point 48 : Understanding the Links Between Energy, Poverty...

Hilary Standing, Published by Practical Action / GTZ on 2002

An analysis of poverty, based on gender, should not just look at welfare needs for women, but also address both women’s and men’s capacity to access ways of gaining an income.

Boiling Point 48 : Household Energy and Poverty Reduction

Published by Practical Action / GTZ on 2002

An article detailing participatory methods for addressing basic energy needs.

Boiling Point 45: Low-Cost Electrification

Elizabeth Bates;Rona Wilkinson;Karin Roeske;Cornelia Sepp;Annette Emrich, Published by Practical Action on 2000

Rural energy development in Nepal - Community micro-hydro power in Kenya - Tariffs for rural grid electrification - Fuel for lighting - Demand side management for rural Nepal - ‘Micro-privatising’...

Boiling Point 48 : Harnessing Solar Stove Technologies in South...

Erica de Lange;Marlett Wentzel, Published by Practical Action / GTZ on 2002

The Governments of Germany and South Africa provided joint support to a solar stove pilot programme that included a comparative field test under real-life conditions to determine the social...


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