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Biogas is an energy product derived from organic material such as animal dung, that is decomposed in the absence of oxygen making a mixture that is mainly made up of methane (gas). The gas can be used directly for cooking and lighting or for generating electricity.

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Bio gas: Up-scaling Biogas Technology for Sustainable Development and Mitigation of Climate Change in Sri Lanka

This leaflet provides and introduction to the “ Up-scaling Biogas Technology for Sustainable Development and Mitigation of Climate Change in Sri Lanka” and it’s initiatives.

Janathakshan Gte Ltd, Published on 2015


Biogas is a fuel used for cooking and lighting, made from dung and other organic waste.

Elizabeth Bates, Published on 2007

Biogas Digest: Volume I - Biogas Basics

Manual describes the basics of producing and using Biogas from dung and organic waste materials.

Werner Kossmann;Uta Pönitz, Published by GTZ (now GIZ) on 2011

Biogas Digest: Volume II - Application and Product Development

Important factors, providing a checklist for the planning and procedure for product development of a biogas plant.

Werner Kossmann, Published on 2012

Biogas Digest: Volume III - Cost and Benefits

This manual describes the costs and benefits of a Biogas Plant.

Werner Kossmann, Published by GTZ (GIZ) on 2012

Biogas Energy in Nepal

Renewable energy practices in Nepal

Practical Action, Published on 2014

Biogas Gasification in Bangladesh

Renewable energy practices in Bangladesh

IDCOL, Bangladesh

Biogas Plants in Animal Husbandry

Guide addressing the planners and providers of stock-farming and agricultural-extension services in developing countries.

Uli Werner;Ulrich Stöhr;Nicolai Hees, Published on 2012

Biogas Promotion in Kenya

Based on a review of experience in Kenya, this manual gives details of the factors that have influenced the adoption of biogas there.

Stephen Gitonga, Published on 1997

Biogas Technologies in Bangladesh

Renewable energy practices in Bangladesh.

Renewable Energy & Environmental Information Network

Biogas Technologies in Pakistan

Renewable energy practices in Pakistan

Published on 2011

Biogas Technology and Integrated Development

Biogas, creating energy from waste, was implemented in Sri Lanka. We learn about why and how this was done, and what we can learn from it.

Sanjeevani Munasinghe, Published by Practical Action on 1999

Build Manual: ARTI Floating Dome Biodigester

The Appropriate Rural Technology Institute (ARTI) developed a compact biogas plant which uses waste food rather than manure as feedstock, to supply biogas for cooking. The compact plants are made...

Ben Dana, Published by AITG on 2009

Design, performance and marketability of biogas systems: proceeding of the two day international workshop to formulate a participatory plan for the development of biogas systems in Sri Lanka

The international workshop on the Design, performance and marketability of bio gas systems organized by Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka in collaboration with the energy...

Practical Action Sri Lanka, Published on 2015

Generating Biogas from Municipal Kitchen Waste

Demand for energy increases with population growth. Sustainable and affordable energy is the foremost need for Bangladesh that cannot depend on non-renewable energy source alone. With...

Uttam Kumar Saha, Published on 2016

Generating biogas from municipal kitchen waste: An experience from Gaibandha

This is an article on Practical Action’s experience on generating renewable energy from municipal kitchen waste in Gaibandha published in “Looking to the Future” of Sustainable and Renewable Energy...

Saha, Uttam Kumar, Published on 2016

Improved Biogas Unit for Developing Countries

This booklet reflects seven years of experience of the Biogas Extension Service (BES) of CAMARTEC (Centre for Agricultural Mechanization and Rural Technology) in Arusha/ Tanzania which was carried...

Sasse Ludwig;Kellner Christopher;Kimaro Ainea, Published by The German development organisation, GIZ on 1991

Le Biogaz

Le biogaz est un combustible bien implanté dans un certain nombre de pays utilisé pour la cuisson et l’éclairage.

Elizabeth Bates, Published on 2012

Tutorial de Construction: Bio-Digesteur ARTI à Toit Coulissant

Compact usine de biogaz qui utilise des déchets alimentaires plutôt que du fumier comme matière première, de fournir du biogaz pour la cuisson.

Ben Dana, Published by ARTI on 2009


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