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Bicycles, Bicycle Trailers and Rickshaws

Bicycles are a low-cost and widely used from of transport that can be adapted to the users requirements.

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ඔබේ පාපැදියටත් ‍‍ ට්‍රේලරයක්

This booklet includes important facts and figures on bicycle trailers.

Practical Action Sri Lanka, Published on 2001

ද්විත්ව කාර්යය වාහන සහ මගී ප්‍රවාහනය

This is a survey on the usage of duel purpose vehicles conducted by Practical Action Sri lanka in 2001.

Lankapura, P., Published on 2001

Practical Answers Sri Lanka: we make your life easy

This is the project profile of Practical Answers Sri Lanka Project.

Practical Action Sri Lanka, Published on 2015

Trailer (for LP gas cylinder transportation)-transport

This gives the technical information about a bicycle trailer designed to carry five LP gas cylinders (12.5 Kg each).

Practical Action Sri Lanka, Published on 2015

Bicycle Trailer Hitch

This is a simple design for a bicycle trailer hitch that can be made in a local workshop from a small quantity of metal. It can be used to pull heavy loads on a trailer.

David Poston, Dr, Published by Practical Action on 2014

बाइसाइकल एम्बुलेन्स

यस जानकारी पुस्तिकामा बाइसाइकल एम्बुलेन्सका बारेमा सम्पूर्ण जानकारी समाबेश गरिएको छ । बाइसाइकल एम्बुलेन्स यातायात को आपतकालिन प्रविधी हो, जसले ग्रामीण तराईबासिहरुका लागि बिरामी परेका बखत नजिकको...

Rijana Malla, Published by Practical Action, Nepal on 2014


Ce document technique décrit les différents éléments qui peuvent être ajoutés à un vélo, comme les sacoches et les extensions, et l'usage que l'on peut en faire.

Neil Noble, Published on 2011


This fact sheet describes the various modifications that can be made to bicycles such as panniers and extensions, and the uses they can be put to.

Neil Noble, Published by Practical Action on 2007

Bicycle Trailers

This document describes the benefits of bicycle trailers and how to make them.

Neil Noble, Published by Practical Action on 2002

Bicycle Ambulance

These ambulances have been designed to be used on the terai, the flat marshy lands at the base of the Himalayas.

Rijana Malla, Published by Practical Action, Nepal on 2010


Esta ficha técnica describe las posibles modificaciones que pueden ser realizadas en las bicicletas, como maleteros y extensiones, y sus formas posibles de uso.

Neil Noble, Published by Practical Action on 2011

La Ambulancia Bicicleta

Estas ambulancias han sido diseñadas para ser utilizadas en la región de Terai, las pantanosas llanuras en la base de los Himalayas.

Rijana Malla, Published by Practical Action on 2011


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