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Animal Transport

Animals can be used as pack animals or to pull carts and other implements. Carts have many uses and there are many approaches to making low-cost designs.

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Understanding Equid Welfare Issues

The animal has an abnormality in one or both eyes. Problems with the eyes can include discharge and inflammation, lesions around the eye area, damaged or missing eyeballs, blindness. 

The Brooke, Published by The Brooke on 2016

What is animal welfare?

Animal welfare refers to the physical and emotional state that is impacted by the environment in which the animal lives and works, human attitudes and practices, and resources available to it....

The Brooke, Published by The Brooke on 2016

The Four Principles of Animal Draught

This document describes, with the aid of illustrations, the steering, transmission, weight distribution and braking involved when using draught animals in agriculture.

Terry Davis, Published on 2014

The Donkey Cart

Dimensions for The Donkey Cart are provided in this engineering drawing.

Kamal Khalifa, Published by Practical Action on 2008

Wheel Jig

This is a simple jig for making basic wheels.

Kamal Khalifa, Published by Practical Action on 2008

The Donkey Cart: Frame and Axle

Dimensions for the frame and the axle of engineering drawing of The Donkey Cart Ambulance are provided here.

Kamal Khalifa, Published by Practical Action on 2008

The Donkey Cart Ambulance

This engineering drawing shows one approach to providing emergency service in areas that do not have access to motorised transport.

Kamal Khalifa, Published by Practical Action on 2008

Making a Packsaddle

This manual describes a simple, cheap and easy way to make a pack saddle or back protector that has been introduced into various regions of Ethiopia.

Chris Garrett, Published by International Harness on 2012

Pack Transport with Donkeys

Pack donkeys can be an appropriate solution for transport in remote mountainous regions.

Denis Fielding, Published by Research Information on 1998

Manufacturing: The Donkey Cart and Ambulance

This document outlines some of the issues in making a donkey cart and a donkey cart ambulance.

Kamal Khalifa, Published on 2008


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