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Animal Husbandry

These documents mainly focus on herd animals such as cows, buffalo, goats and sheep, but also include other animals such as pigs.

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Animal Diseases Carried by Ticks and Their Treatment in Kenya

Animal health is a major constraint to livestock production in many countries including Kenya. Modern veterinary inputs and services are often not readily available. Under these conditions,...

Published on 2011

Animal Diseases carried by Ticks and their Treatment in Kenya

Traditional animal health care practices, also called “ethnoveterinary medicine”, provide a readily available, low cost alternative to conventional approaches

Published by IIRR on 2011

Arthritis in Cattle

From an economic viewpoint, the livestock industry takes a considerable yearly loss from the effects of arthritis.

J. L. Shupe, Published on 1991

BDS Facilitators manual - Lessons from the Kenya Dairy Sector Competitiveness Program

A toolkit produced in partnership with Practical Action Consulting East Africa (PAC EA) and Strategic Business Advisors under Land O' Lakes for super and local facilitators on business development...

Published on 2013

Beef Cattle Production and Management Training Manual

This training manual was produced to share experiences gained over a number of years by practitioners in beef cattle production and management.

Practical Action;Department of Veterinary Services;The Department of Livestock Production and Development

Bhaiso Ke Chhote Bachhron Ka Khan Paan

;g rduhdh tkudkjh HkSalksa ds NksVs cPpksa ¼dVM+ksa ,oa dVfM+;ksa½ ds lgh [kkuiku rFkk muls lEcfU/kr Qk;nksa ds ckjs esa tkudkjh nsrk gSA

Practical Action, READ India, Published by READ India on 2015

Bottle Fly Trap

A simple fly trap made from two plastic bottles.

Published on 2011


A Livestock management guide on rabies

Practical Action, Published by Practical Action on 2011

Chirwere Chesusu

A step by step guide for the treatment of gall sickness in livestock

Practical Action, Published by Practical Action on 2011

Community Based Animal Health Care

Describes some of the experiences in animal health care delivery in Eastern Africa and the challenges among the pastoralists living in arid lands.

Eric Kisiangani, Published on 2005

Conservation of Indigenous Breeds

Livestock is important to pastoralists and marginal farmers in Kenya. This fact sheet describes some of the varieties of breeds within Kenya.

Eric Kisiangani, Published on 2005

Fodder Conservation Using a Manual Baler

A simple method for baling fodder.

Aichi Kitalyi, Published by Regional Land Management Unit for ALIN on 2013

Imikhuhlane yembuzi

A technical guideline on common diseases that affect goats

Practical Action, Published by Practical Action on 2013

Improved Practices in Indigenous Poultry Farming

A livestock management guideline on rearing indigenous poultry

Thembinkosi Nyathi, Published by Practical Action on 2010

Izibaya zembuzi

Appropriate goat housing construction

Practical Action, Published on 2013

Les Maladies Animales Transmises par les Tiques et Leur Traitement (Kenya)

Dans beaucoup de pays, y compris le Kénya, le secteur de l’élevage se heurte à une contrainte majeure qui est la santé animale. Les intrants et les services vétérinaires modernes ne sont souvent...

Practical Action, Published on 2013

Livelihood Centred Disaster Risk Reduction

A Guide for Facilitators based on field experiences in Zimbabwe.

Piet van den Ende, Published on 2015

Make Your Own Incubator

This small-scale incubator can be used to breed up to 40 chickens within 21 days.

Kossi Quenum Housenou, Published by Arid lands Information Network (ALIN) on 1999

Newcastle Disease

An agro processing guide for grading and storing sunflower seeds for smallholder farmers

Practical Action, Published on 2012

Salt Licks in Nepal

It is possible to make mineral licks for use with domesticated animals to improve their nutritional intake. This brief looks at the process developed in Nepal using locally available materials.

Martin Bounds, Published on 2012


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