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Knowledge Point

Knowledge Point

Knowledge Point is an innovative question and answer forum dedicated to providing technical guidance to development and humanitarian practitioners. It brings together organisations and individuals to provide a wide ranging pool of expertise and experience in technological and development subjects. 

Knowledge Point started in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector, with organisations such as WaterAid, REDR (people and skills for disaster relief), IRC (International Rescue Committee) and EngineersAid working alongside Practical Action to bring together the knowledge of their staff and the knowledge of others who are interested in improving their own project work or sharing some of their own experiences. It has now expanded to encapsulate many other humanitarian sectors such as energy, finance and agriculture, with lively and engaging discussions taking place.

You can register on the Knowledge Point network either as an individual or as an organisational group. There, you can ask or answer questions, enter discussions, share, collaborate and meet like-minded people working on this aspect of poverty reduction. We look forward to your engagement!


Recent news: The Ebola KnowledgePoint site is now live!

With the recent global Ebola virus outbreak, a group that includes the UN WASH Cluster, the World Health Organisation (WHO), ICRC (Red Cross), Medicins Sans Frontieres, the Centre for Disease Control and others, requested to use KnowledgePoint as a Q&A hub for technical questions in a combined Health and Emergency WASH approach.

This dedicated technical group on Knowledge Point will be providing answers to the discussion platform. Please join a discussion, or ask a question.




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