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Share your experience

We love to hear stories of how resources from Practical Answers  has helped you in your project. You can highlight the information resources you found most useful or the organisations that you worked with.

Tell us where you worked, who was involved, who benefited, what were the most rewarding and difficult elements of the work and how you overcame these difficulties? What lessons would you want to pass onto others? You can also upload some photos.

Have a look at Practical Action’s stories of change and read stories of impact from Practical Answers beneficiaries to see the experiences of other people. Share your own experience by sending your own stories of change to

Thank you!

Translate our resources

Can you speak more than one language? Would you like to put your skills to good use? You can support our efforts to provide information to as many people as possible by partnering with us in our translation programme.

We are always looking to develop technical information resources in as many languages as possible. Currently the majority of our material has been produced in English and Spanish; we also have resources in French, Arabic, Bengali, Nepali, Sinhala, Tamil, Kiswahili, Shona, Ndebele, Portuguese and Quechua. For knowledge to be shared widely and implemented into action, we are looking to get this material translated into more languages, especially those being used across Africa and Asia.

This is where your skills can be put into practice. If you have language skills and have the time to volunteer to translate a document or even a part of a document, you can help.

If you would like to volunteer to translate any of the material on our website then please contact us at

Register on KnowledgePoint

KnowledgePoint is a global Q&A forum for people who work in the humanitarian and development sector. Find answers and share your expertise, projects, and resources in key areas, including:

  • Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)

  • Public health and COVID-19

  • Shelter and construction

  • Logistics

  • Project management

  • Alternative energy

  • Finance

  • Reliable online technical field support

You can register on the KnowledgePoint network either as an individual or as an organisational group. There, you can ask or answer questions, enter discussions, share, collaborate and meet like-minded people working the humanitarian and development field.

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