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Monitoring, evaluation and learning for uptake

This final step provides advice and support on how to carry out active monitoring and evaluation of the roadmap process to guide its implementation, and how to actively use communication and learning to ensure its impact is maximised.

  1. Introduction
  2. How to learn to improve
    1. Separating monitoring from evaluation
    2. Learning within systemic approaches
  3. Roadmap logic of change
    1. Domains of change
    2. Comparing traditional and systemic log frames
    3. Systemic log frame indicators
  4. Monitoring the facilitation process
    1. Spheres of influence
    2. Monitoring the facilitation process
    3. Monitoring the facilitator's capacity
    4. Seven principles of systemic M&E
  5. Assessing deep system change
  6. Effective communication
    1. Systemic communication
    2. Strategic communication
  7. Collecting and disseminating knowledge
    1. Types of knowledge
    2. Knowledge dissemination
  8. Sharing knowledge at scale
    1. Leveraging market opportunity groups (MOGs)
    2. Leveraging interest forums
    3. Leveraging lead firms
  9. Templates and checklists



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