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Participatory planning and facilitating change

This step involves supporting the market actors to efficiently implement the support interventions building the 3 levels of the market system to ensure the more efficient delivery of the energy services leading to increased access.

  1. Introduction
  2. Planning and prioritisation
    1. Participatory planning events
    2. Can the intervention work?
    3. Prioritisation and implementation of interventions
    4. Facilitating participatory planning
    5. Dealing with sustained opposition
    6. Dealing with sustained support
    7. Dealing with bursts of opposition
    8. Dealing with bursts of support
  3. Driving change through interest forums, MOGSs and lead firms
    1. Interest forums
    2. Market opportunity groups
    3. Lead firms
  4. Facilitating policy change
  5. Facilitating systemic change
    1. Valuing small outcomes
    2. Keeping track of interest groups
    3. Be patient
    4. Monitor unexpected signals
    5. Reviewing the intervention logic
    6. Supporting constructive learning
    7. Making actions more effective
  6. Templates and checklists



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