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Step 4 - PEMM event preparation

After you’ve developed a plan for all your participatory events, including when they’re going to be, you then need to start organising and facilitating each one. Well in advance of each event the facilitation team should work through the template in Annex 2 to list each activity that needs to be carried out ahead of time to ensure the range of market actors can be effectively facilitated on the day, ensuring gender equality and sufficient marginalised actor representation. 

  • Participant invitation +

    When it is time to organise the first facilitation event, to ensure that they manage to attract all the important market actors, the facilitation team should complete the template in Annex 3, listing all the marginalised and key market actors who were identified as either being highly relevant to the functioning of the market system, or have a high degree of power or influence to bring about change in the market system, or both. Ensure a good representation of women.

    Depending on the specific objectives of the event, the facilitators may decide that not all the original actors need to participate, or that it makes more strategic sense to invite additional stakeholders that were not originally considered. In this way the list of ideal participants of participatory market mapping events needs to grow and shrink flexibly, to suit the objectives of each event and new knowledge as it emerges.

    Once a full list of the market actors the facilitator wishes to invite has been developed, they then need to develop the hooks for each one, and send them an invitation well ahead of time. They can adapt the letter template provided in Annex 4, but making sure to address the following:

    • Design the invitations to attract each actor, personalised if possible using the incentives you’ve already identified
    • Use an interesting and exciting title
    • Identify a location and host that will attract people
    • Choose a date most people can attend with enough notice
    • Use a suitable communication method - a formal letter, an 
informal email or a personal phone call as required
    • Invite key actors to give presentations on topics relevant to them as a way of attracting them
  • Event organisation +

    It may be desirable to seek partners to help prepare and facilitate the workshops to better achieve the workshop objectives. This may be if the market actors are more likely to attend because of the partner, or if they can help fund the event.

    Note: In later workshops, when market actors are used to the process and have already developed some degree of trust in each other, the facilitators should strive to pass on some of the preparation and facilitation activities to certain market actors. This will help build the ability of the market actors to organise, convene and facilitate multi-stakeholder coordination meetings themselves in the future, and is an important process of the facilitators planned exit.

    Based on the event planning, some of these preparatory activities may be co-facilitated by selected market actors or other workshop partners, so it is important contact these potential partners to bring them on board.

    • Appoint influential event conveners, facilitators and chairs if required and contact them in advance to bring them on board
    • Be aware of cultural or gender issues to ensure the marginalised can also attend, and have access to the facilities they need if they do attend (e.g. toilets, prayer rooms, suitable food, translators etc.)
    • Setting an appropriate length of time for the workshop based on participants’ availability
    • Source and prepare any resources and equipment ready
    • Ensure that the event space has all the required equipment and can be laid out to allow the facilitators to work effectively
    • Deal with any other logistical issues as required
    • Choose a set of appropriate exercises to help steer the event and achieve the planned for objectives. In the hands of skilled facilitator, exercises can be powerful tools in helping channel the activities of the market actors, building trust and collaborative action.
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