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Step 4 - Events follow-up

It is important for the facilitation team to review what happened in the workshop and to plan a range of follow up events, including additional workshops and meetings as required, and resources permit. It may be that the outcomes of the PEMM workshop can be used to source funding from donors to support the prioritised activity plans.

It is important to follow up with the participants to find out the following:

  • The extent to which they changed what they do because of the event
  • The extent to which they returned to their communities to communicate the discussions and commitments made in the PEMM event
  • The extent to which they continue to interact with other participants, in particular the interest groups started to be formed during the events

Momentum: It is important for the facilitation team to build on the momentum of the events as soon afterwards as possible, to promote the development of the energy interest forums and follow up the commitments made by the market actors.

Next Events: It is important to try and ensure continuity, although it may be premature to expect working groups to move forward alone in the short term without any additional facilitation and support. If possible subsequent smaller events should be organised to identify the support and resources required to move each activity plan forward with each interest forum.

Progress Reporting: If possible it is important to bring the participants and cluster groups back together to report back to the broader forum on changes that have occurred and any interventions that have been developed and implemented to overcome the identified energy market system barriers.

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