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Participatory market mapping

This step involves the organisation, delivery and follow-up of a series of workshops and events to support all the market actors to map their market together, in detail, and identify barriers and support interventions.

  1. Introduction
  2. Participatory process overview
  3. Roles of the facilitator
    1. Creating the space
    2. Manage the flow
    3. Guiding the process.
    4. Moderating conflict
  4. Participatory Energy Market Mapping (PEMM) event planning.
    1. Participatory event objectives
    2. Participatory event review.
  5. PEMM event preparation.
    1. Participant invitation
    2. Event organisation
  6. Running PEMM events
    1. PEMM workshop design
    2. PEMM event introductions.
    3. Energy Market System Game
    4. Participatory Energy Market Mapping (PEMM).
    5. Participatory Market Analysis
    6. Joint Action Planning
    7. PEMM Wrap Up
    8. Forum Facilitation
    9. Participant Feedback
  7. Events follow-up
  8. Templates and checklists



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