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Step 3 - Utilising market opportunity groups (MOGs)

As it is impossible for large numbers of marginalised actors to participate in all the roadmap steps, including the events and workshops, market facilitators need to support working groups or networks referred to as Market Opportunity Groups (MOGs). These typically small (5-10 people) representatives of marginalised actors should ideally be selected democratically or through consensus from larger numbers of peers. If they function effectively they can play a critical role in developing an inclusive and scalable market system. MOGs should typically carry out the following functions:

  • Explore market opportunities, challenges and solutions with other market actors on behalf of themselves and their peers of other marginalised producers.
  • Take these opportunities, challenges and solutions back to their peers and help adapt them as required.
  • Develop and bring counter-proposals or new ideas from the marginalised actors to other market actors within the interest forum.
  • Mobilise their peers around any plans agreed upon by other market actors within the interest forums

If groups of marginalised market actors already exist, and are representative and functioning effectively, they should be supported. If not, or the existing MOG is dysfunctional, the development of a new group may need to be supported. The facilitation team can complete the template in Annex 4 to assess each MOG, in particular the following main areas:

  1. Main Purpose and Functions of MOG
  2. Membership of MOG, including the balance between translators, connectors and opinion-makers and gender equality
  3. Leadership and Strategic Vision of MOG
  4. Coordination, Meetings and Financing of MOG
  5. Perceptions of MOG Stakeholders
  6. Track record and Current Challenges and Opportunities of MOG

Once MOGs have been formed to represent the marginalised actors, it is important for the facilitation team to start regularly communicating with their representatives to make sure they are carrying out their functions as required. This includes that they are aware of the outcome of the other activities of the roadmap steps, including those of other market actors, and that they are invited to, and attend, key meetings. It is important for the facilitation team to regularly meet with the MOGs, in particular before each facilitated event. This is to help them prepare them for what will be discussed and to ensure that they obtain the required input from their peers so they can represent them as required, including effectively communicating the opportunities and challenges they, as marginalised actors face, and their ideas or solutions.

Market facilitators also need to carry out regular systematic reflection of the selected energy market system with the MOGs. This is because they often change over time along with the energy markets they operate within, and it may be necessary to adjust the market facilitation incentives, strategies or activities as required.

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