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Step 3 - Marginalised actor assessment

As the marginalised actors in an energy system are typically very diverse, it is important for the market facilitators to start by carrying out a systematic assessment of the selected energy system to identify which market actors require empowerment and what type. Although this can be time consuming, it is key to reducing time and costs within the later steps of the roadmap.

Facilitators can use the list of market actors developed in Step 2, and the template in Annex 1, to develop a set of indicators of marginalisation, such as economic, social, political and informational, gender inequality, cultural or religious factors, to identify the most marginalised market actors.

They can then complete the following activities, making time to discuss within their project team and some of the market actors themselves, to systematically reflect on which aspects of marginalisation they wish to focus on and why:

  • Once you’ve identified the most important marginalisation indicators, carry out an assessment of each market actor, rating each against these indicators, such as income per day, level of access to basic services and level of interaction with other market actors.
  • Identify the processes that have led to this indicator rating and how the marginalised actor can be supported to overcome it in the future.
  • Identify any current clashes, tensions or contradictions between the marginalised market actors and others, as well as the skills or attitudes the marginalised actors need to engage with these other market actors.
  • Assess the power and networks that negatively impact each marginalised actor, including identifying the market system barriers and gaps that are nurturing any vicious cycles of marginalisation.
  • Identify any opportunities to promote the self-interest of marginalised market actors. Relationships initially driven by purely selfish profit-making motives, can often still lead to the building of friendship, trust, collaboration and innovation.

Note: This assessment helps a market facilitator to increase their understanding of the marginalised actors within their target energy market system. It can also be used by the marginalised actors themselves to help them better understand their strengths and weaknesses, the forces that are causing their marginalisation, and the opportunities the market system offers to help them reduce their poverty. It is important to share the results with the marginalised actors, and make any adjustments, if possible.

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