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Step 3 - Engaging key actors

In addition to marginalised actors, energy systems also contain key market actors who are highly important to the functioning of a market system, often having a high degree of power or influence to bring about change. This step provides guidance to the market facilitators on how to ensure the key actors identified in Step 2, who have significant leverage and influence over the energy market system, are compelled to join the process through identifying the incentives and motivations that most positively affect them.

Market facilitators can use the template in Annex 5 to list the key market actors already identified in the energy system, and then identifying the systemic issues that affect them or that they are involved with as follows:

  • What are the systemic blockages that affect or involve them?
  • What are the systemic opportunities that affect or involve them?
  • What are the systemic risks that affect or involve them?

Once the template has been completed as best as possible with the information available to the facilitators, including what know themselves and what they've learnt from other stakeholders, they need to start gradually building a relationship with each key actor. This includes more fully understanding the objectives of the key actors, as well as explaining the objectives of the facilitators, so they can start to get to know the facilitators. In time, this will hopefully lead to trust and respect so the key actors become actively engaged throughout the rest of the roadmap process.

As the facilitation team will be working closely with these key actors throughout the rest of the roadmap it is important for the facilitators to spend time developing an engagement strategy for each key actor. This needs to include designing effective hooks and invitations the facilitators think will attract them, as well as details such as who will deliver the message and who will host the meeting, which can be critically important.

Note: It is also important for the facilitators to share with the key actors how poverty and marginalisation in their energy market system often hampers their success, and it is in their interests to help create a more developed, inclusive energy market system for all market actors.

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