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Preliminary mapping, strategic design and planning

This step involves the initial identification of market actors, barriers and the potential design and implementation of future support interventions.

  1. Introduction
  2. Mapping an energy market system 
    1. Mapping level 1 - market change
    2. Mapping level 2 - inputs, services and finance
    3. Mapping level 3 - enabling environment factors
    4. Using a preliminary market map
  3. Categorising the market actors
  4. Preliminary market analysis
  5. Additional data collection
  6. Preliminary vision for change
  7. Identification and categorising of potential support interventions
  8. Recommendations for using subsidies smartly
  9. Facilitation process
  10. Templates and checklists

Step 2 - Introduction


 ‘Facilitators start to make sense of the energy market system, identify key actors and barriers and future plans’

Step 2 of the Energy Markets roadmap focuses on the facilitation team collecting additional information about the selected energy market so they can start facilitating its participatory process of change. This includes developing a preliminary structured map of the selected energy market system, identifying its key market actors and carrying out initial analysis of its critical barriers and opportunities. Following the mapping and analysis an initial vision for future change of the energy market system can be outlined. This typically includes developing an initial strategy for implementing the rest of the roadmap steps, including potential facilitated interventions for supporting the market actors to overcome the identified market barriers themselves.

Step 2 also introduces the 3 fundamental principles of the roadmap – systemic thinking, participation and facilitation – including examples, recommendations and tools for putting them into practice. Recommendations on how to build flexibility into the strategy so that it can respond to the changing aspirations of the market actors, as they take ownership of the process, are also included.

Note: by the end of Step 2 it is often as important for the facilitators to identify what they don’t know as much as what they do know!

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