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Step 2 - Facilitation process – exit before you enter!

The roadmap process involves supporting the development of a set of interventions to facilitate the market actors to transform their own energy market system themselves. Even when it is very ‘light-touch’, it is important to start to think about how the market system will continue to evolve after the end of the roadmap process, even during Step 2. This enables the facilitation team to strategise on how the processes that they facilitated will continue to happen after their activities have ended, even from the very beginning.

The facilitation team can use the template in Annex 8 to start planning who they expect will take over activities that they facilitate through the roadmap process. There may be activities that you facilitate in the roadmap process that are intended to catalyse, or kick-start, change. However, as the market system continues to evolve and market actors adapt to new challenges and opportunities these catalytic activities may continue to be needed for the market system to evolve in an efficient, inclusive and equitable manner. These activities may need to continue to be delivered, but by one of the market actors themselves.

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